Ben Affleck is reportedly shocked and angry over Jennifer Garner’s engagement, says the suspicious report

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Ass Ben Affleck convince Jennifer Garnerseng Engagement? A report sees the Dogma Star is angry that his ex-wife is remarrying. Gossip Cop examined.

“Ben’s Fury!”

According to Nei Iddi, Affleck’s relationship with Jennifer Lopez is not enough to distract him from his ex. Affleck and Lopez are Marriage considered, and he’s not happy that Garner stole his thunder. Garner recently had one Diamond engagement ring on Instagram Live, shock the world and Affleck immediately. Insiders say: “The news came as a complete shock to Ben, who reportedly had no idea about her big move!”

Is Jennifer Garner engaged?

This is a big old fake layer cake of a story. First off, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez never did and ran into marriage, contrary to what tabloids tell you. He and Lopez have a blast, but there is no evidence that they will engage as soon as possible.

Second, this story completely mischaracterizes Affleck and Garner’s relationship. It is not in the slightest adversary. She went Trick or Treatment with you Gigli Stars in an effort to mix the two families. They and Affleck clearly communicate well as exes and remain good friends.

Finally, and most importantly, Garner was probably not even engaged, Her friend John Miller did not go for trick or treatment. The Instagram video may have been mirrored, so the ring in question does not imply any commitment. In later public outings, the ring was nowhere to be found. It’s possible that Garner plays everything close to the box, but that alone would make this story wrong. Until Garner clears up the rumors, Gossip Cop will remain skeptical on engagement reports.

Other Tall Tales

Nei Iddi have tried this blind spot once before. In August 2020, Garner went to the beach with her Alias Friend Bradley Cooper. This tabloid claims Affleck was full of jealousy in view of them together. He was probably too busy dating Ana de Armas at the time to even notice or care.

Speaking of Armas, this outlet reported that they were planned in the Affleck Marriage and children about a month before they broke up. It also has absurd claims Good will hunting Star was self hungry for Armas’ approval. Nei Iddi deserves its bad reputation when it comes to Affleck stories.

Garner and Miller have been dating for years now, so Affleck is very aware of their romance. Everyone is friendly in this ecosystem, so there would be no anger if Garner got involved.

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