May 9, 2021


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Benchich is set to open its first official visitor center

Following the completion of the six-digit investment project, the Speyside distillery, Benriach, is preparing to open its doors to visitors for the first time next month.

The designer’s visitor experience will show on Friday, May 21, featuring a bar, lounge and retail space.

First, following the simplification of the Scottish COVID-19 ban, visitors are encouraged to enjoy the Benriach multi-layered single malt and rich creative heritage, which offers a variety of flavors.

The project saw the recent launch of Benchich’s new portfolio. 2016 The acquisition of Brown-Forman was the first renovation of the District Visitors Center, part of the Investment Center.

First of all, the new tourist center offers two delicious experiences for both single malt lovers and those at the beginning of the whiskey journey.

Before the zoning of the old-fashioned and smoky expressions between the ages of 10 and 12, the taste of “divorce” was introduced into the production process by Benich. Gob itors also have the opportunity to try their own taste preferences in whiskey by trying a simple cocktail service.

Balanced canned ripeness is also offered to those who want to delve deeper into the mysterious creative heritage. The experience of “Berls, Boots and Baricus” gives visitors the opportunity to taste five individual types of caca, a taste of Benchch’s 21-year-old – Benrik’s main blend, Dr. Rachel Barry, how to build more flavors in the region Fruit Future Single Malt

Gob itors are advised to pre-order your favorite online taste before you visit the dealership. The turnover of the production station will be returned in a safe time.

Based on the design for future visitors, the new Gob Center was built using natural materials from local suppliers as much as possible, inspired by the Presbyterian Color Gallery. Outside of the Visitor Building, one of the most popular warehouses is Benchch’s new identity. Release.

Jennifer Proctor, General Manager of Benchich Distillery Visitors Center, said:

From desserts to cocktails, we first offer two flight-type tasting experiences that allow you to explore the taste buds of the bench.

When restrictions allow, we will offer our full designer tour and announce the development of the Designer Visitors Center in the next section. We look forward to welcoming guests from near and far to discover the world of local berry flavor.

Benyach, known for his long-standing tradition of classical, colorful and three-dimensional whiskey brewing and a world-wide mass collection, last year mastered his new portfolio with Rachel Barre and Dilla.

Click for more information about the new Benriach Visitors Center and how to book a tasting experience over here.