Best lunch deals at Michelin-starred restaurants

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There are few culinary awards as iconic as the Michelin star. In the prestigious red book (or in its modern iteration, online list) is a rare sign of quality – and love it or not, the annual big reveal of which restaurants are gaining (or losing) stars is shaping the culinary landscape for the year to come. Michelin judges confirm that in restaurants with one, two or three bright stars, customers can expect much more food and hospitality than others.

But this comes at a cost; Dinner at any of these restaurants will usually get you a three-digit bill. But all is not lost – the knowledgeable diner knows that taking advantage of lunch set menus can lower Michelin prices.

So if you’re looking for the latest, greatest, and most luxurious food the industry has to offer, here are the 10 best Michelin-starred set lunch menus to book.

under £30

1. Leroy, Shoreditch, London

Price: From Tuesday to Friday £22 for two courses, £25 for three courses


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