May 6, 2021


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Best of the Day: April 28, 2021

DC held a dunk contest against Los Angeles as Westbrook’s historic double-season triple season continued

Two days after their eight-game streak ended, the Wizards are back on winning ways by defeating the Lakers 116-107 on national television. Washington was once again led by the dynamic duo in the rear Russell Westbrook (18 points, 18 REB points, 14 AST) and Bradley Bell (High game 27 points). Westbrook scored his 30th double for this season, the third time he has achieved that record in his 12-year career, and all the other players have met in two such seasons in history.

However, their superstars weren’t the only ones to bid in exchange for ruling heroes. Roy HashimuraAnd the Chandler Hutchison, And the Daniel Gaford Throw out a thunderous sword for the witches. Gafford in particular, has had a huge impact since it was acquired from the Bulls in a deal earlier this season.

In the 13 matches Gaford has played for DC, the Wizards have had an impressive 11-2 record. Off the bench, Gafford danced at both ends of the floor, dwarfing his numbers across the board from the two seasons he spent in Chicago. He averages his career highs in PTS (10.6), REB (6.0), STL (0.8) and BLK (2.0) while averaging the most playing time of his career (17.8 mpg). Although it’s just a small sample size, early returns from the previous second-round pick looks very promising for the Wizards looking to win now and build for the future with several key young players.

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