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BG Thomas, the Grammy-winning singer who topped the genres, has died at the age of 78.


BG Thomas, Grammy Award-winning singer who has hit the pop, country and Bible charts with hits such as I just can not believe it، Raindrops’ hold on my head And Hook with feeling, Is dead. He was 78 years old.

Thomas, who announced in March that he had lung cancer, died of complications from his illness at his home in Arlington, Texas, on Saturday, according to a statement issued by his representatives.

A Hugo, Okla, a native of Houston who grew up, Billy Joe Thomas broke the cover of Hank Williams in 1966 with a Bible cover. I am very lonely and I can cry And it sold millions of records and had dozens of hits in the genres. He reached No. 1 in 1976 with a pop, contemporary adult and country audience (Hello, you are not playing.) Someone else made a mistake Song. In the same year, he The house I belong to It became one of the first Bible albums to sell more than 1 million platinum copies.

It was his signature recording Raindrops’ hold on to my head, A No. 1 pop and an Academy Award for Best Original Song as part of the soundtrack to one of the greatest 1969 films, The Disrespectful Western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid.

Thomas was not the first choice to perform the bizarre composition composed by Brett Bacharach and Hall David. Ray Stevens rejected the songwriters. But Thomas’s warm tenacity and spirit matched the song’s calm mood, which was immortalized throughout the scene when Butch (Paul Newman) showed his new bike to Eta Plus (Catherine Ross), Sundance’s girlfriend (Robert Redford).

rain drops It has been heard everywhere ever since The Simpsons to the Forrest Gump And in 2013 he was voted to the Grammy Hall of Fame. But at first not everyone was satisfied. Thomas was recovering from a larynx while recording the soundtrack, and his vocals were louder than the released song alone. Redford, meanwhile, doubted the song even belonged to him Butch Cassidy.

Watch | Raindrops’ hold on to my head By BJ Thomas

“When the film was released, I was very critical – how did the song fit into the film? There was no rain,” Redford told USA Today in 2019. At the time, the idea seemed silly. “

Thomas later called it a phenomenon rain drops When a well-known manufacturer in Houston suggested that he use amphetamines to maintain his energy, he intensified his addiction to pills and alcohol. He was constantly surfing and recording, taking dozens of pills a day. While until 1976 (Hey Won’t You Play) Another Someone Done Somebody Wrong Song He hit number 1, he felt it was “number 1000”.

“I was at the lowest level of my addiction and problems,” he said in 2020. Show good time Dubai Campbell. He referred to the “spiritual awakening” that he and his wife, Gloria Richardson, helped him clean up.

Thomas had a few pop hits after the mid-1970s, but still with No. 1-like songs Everything that happened in old love And New look from an old lover. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, he was also a leading gospel and inspirational singer, winning two Pigeon and Five Grammy Awards, including one Grammy in 1979 for Best Gospel Performance for Prayer of the Lord.

Fans of 1980 comedy Growing pain Heard her as the lead singer of the show. He also starred in a small number of films including جوری And Jake’s corner And he often went on tour. Recent recordings included Living room music, With displays by Lyle Laut, Vince Gill and Richard Marx. He was scheduled to record in 2020 at Muscle Shoals, Alabama, but the sessions were postponed due to an epidemic.

Thomas married Richardson in 1968 and had three daughters: Page, Nora and Erin. He and his wife worked on the 1982 memoir In tune: Find out how good life can be. His book The house I belong to Entered the market in 1978 and written by Jerry B. Jenkins, who later became famous for selling millions. pass Religious novels written by the LaHaye team.

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