Biden Agenda ‘Saved’ by Republicans Like Kinzinger

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Greg Murphy (R-NC) said Wednesday that thirteen House Republicans, including Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), “saved” the Biden Administration’s agenda. voting For the $1.2 trillion reconciliation package marketed by Democrats as an “infrastructure” bill.

“This was a democratic socialist wish list,” Murphy said on SiriusXM. Breitbart News Daily “Build Better” proposal with host Alex Marlow. “I believe there were six in the AOC crowd who didn’t vote for it, but were saved by 13 Republicans.”

Murphy highlighted Kinzinger as a Republican congressman who provided the Democrats’ political vision.

“Adam Kinzinger,” he said. [has] Basically, he told the world to kiss because he was on his debut tour. ”

Murphy stated that the “Build Better” program advances the goal of building “socialism from the cradle to the grave.”

“It’s a form of socialism from the cradle to the grave, and they preach sacrificial sermons wherever possible,” he said. “In one way or another, everyone is a victim and the government must pay for it. Totally anti-American. This is not what our ancestors stood for for this country. That’s not what hundreds of thousands of Americans have died in this country.”

“It opens the door to an essentially socialist change in our government,” he added.

Murphy estimates that the proposed total $5 trillion of spending, including the proposed $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” bill, “probably would be $15 trillion spent on the reconciliation bill, because that’s getting us there.”

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