Biden-Johnson announcement – live: Leaders make big announcement about AUKUS alliance

Biden announces new security partnership with Australia, UK

Boris Johnson declared a new national security alliance with its leaders. we and Australia attempting to resist Chineseambitions in the Indo-Pacific.

Prime Minister Meets with the President of the United States Joe Biden and the prime minister of Australia Scott Morrison to unveil the AUKUS partnership, which will see the three countries share expertise on topics such as cyber warfare and artificial intelligence.

China was not mentioned in the live briefing, but frequent references were made to the changing situation in the region and has followed the tensions between Beijing and Australia in recent months.

Johnson said the alliance will “work hand in hand to maintain security and stability in the Indo-Pacific”.

The joint announcement also confirmed that the United States will supply Australia with a nuclear-powered submarine. Scott Morrisongovernment abandons $90 billion submarine deal France.


Tugendhat says Australia ‘has no choice’ over ‘bullying’ from Beijing

Australia ‘had to take action after years of bullying and trade hostility’ [from China] and watching regional neighbors like the Philippines see their waters encroached on,’ says Tom Tugendhat.

The chairman of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee provided an analysis of the new Aukus deal on Twitter.

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In an awkward moment from the joint press conference earlier today, Joe Biden seemed to have forgotten the name of the Australian prime minister as he made his announcements about the new partnership.

While the US president could correctly refer to Boris Johnson by name, he could only refer to Scott Morrison as “the man below” and “Mr.

You can see the clip below:

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Former Trump adviser says new alliance is an important step to counter China

A former Trump adviser said equipping Australia with nuclear-powered submarines is an important step that will help the United States and its allies on the military and diplomatic fronts.

Matt Pottinger, who served as deputy national security adviser in the Trump administration, said underwater warfare capabilities were Beijing’s “Achilles heel”.

“When you have a strong military, it provides a ground of deterrence that gives countries the confidence to resist tyranny,” said Mr. Pottinger, now a visiting professor at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University.

“Part of the problem right now is that Beijing has become quite arrogant and less willing to engage in diplomacy efficiently.”

A nuclear-powered submarine fleet will allow Australia to conduct longer patrols, giving the new alliance a stronger presence in the region.

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Former US security official says China will likely view AUKUS alliance as ‘provocative’

A former US security official said the announcement of the AUKUS alliance was a “very bold step” for Australia, as the partnership would be seen as a provocative move by China.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told CNN on Wednesday that the move “will bring to life the idea of ​​a return to Asia” in foreign policy over the next decade.

However, he added that this would present challenges for Australia due to its close relationship with China, adding: “Given Australia’s dependence on China for its economy, this is a bold step because frankly the Chinese will see it as provocative… and they should.”

You can find all of his comments below:

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Biden declares ‘strength’ of alliances with Britain, Australia

US president Joe Biden praised the close partnership between his country, Britain and Australia as the three countries announced their new defense alliance at a joint press conference.

Mr Biden said on Wednesday that the countries have been “loyal and capable partners for a long time, who are even closer today”, adding that the three leaders must work together to manage the challenges of the 21st century.

our correspondent, Eric Garcia, below is the full story:

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Below are Joe Biden’s comments on his plans to provide a nuclear submarine to Australia as part of the AUKUS alliance:

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Johnson: Defense partnership marks ‘new chapter’ in ‘friendship’ of UK, US, Australia

Boris Johnson claimed that the UK’s new alliance with the US and Australia has opened a “new page” in global relations and will aim to make the world safer and create jobs nationwide.

Speaking at a joint press conference, Mr Johnson said he was “pleased” to join US president Joe Biden and Australian prime minister Scott Morrison to announce the AUKUS partnership.

“We are opening a new chapter in our friendship and the first mission of this partnership will be to help Australia acquire a fleet of nuclear powered submarines, emphasizing of course that these submarines will be powered by nuclear reactors, not nuclear reactors,” he said. It will be armed with nuclear weapons and our work will be fully aligned with our non-proliferation obligations.”

Mr Johnson added: “Perhaps most importantly, the UK, Australia and the US will unite even more closely together, reflecting the measure of trust between us, the depth of our friendship and the enduring strength of our shared values ​​of freedom and democracy.

“Now the UK, together with our allies, will embark on this project, making the world safer and creating jobs across the UK.”

Conrad DuncanSeptember 15, 2021 22:33


Australian Morrison insists new submarines won’t use nuclear weapons

Australian prime minister Scott Morrison has insisted that the new US-supplied submarines as part of the AUKUS alliance will not be used for nuclear weapons.

As part of the partnership, the United States will assist Australia with the technology and capability to deploy nuclear-powered submarines.

Mr Morrison said Wednesday night that the watercraft would be built in Adelaide in close cooperation with the US and UK, but that Australia would not use nuclear weapons.

“We will continue to fulfill our non-proliferation obligations,” he said.

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Boris Johnson’s comments on the new alliance can be found below:

“The UK, Australia and the US are natural allies – although we are geographically separate, our interests and values ​​are shared. The AUKUS alliance will bring us closer than ever before, creating a new defense partnership and creating jobs and prosperity.

“This partnership will become increasingly vital to defend our interests in the Indo-Pacific region and, by extension, to protect our people at home.”

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Liz Truss, the new UK foreign secretary, described the AUKUS alliance as a “landmark” security partnership designed to deepen ties in the Indo-Pacific.

“We will work together to promote stability in a region that will become more important than ever to the welfare and security of the UK,” Truss said on Twitter.

Conrad Duncan15 September 2021 22:16

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