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Biden says ‘I’m in!’ to protect the wolves


President Biden has been getting to know recently from some influential people concerned about the fate of the wolves, and he is seeking guidance on what to do to protect them.

Tell the Biden Administration that you support restoring Endangered Species Act protections for wolves:

visible this week brave junglePresident Biden, a popular children’s YouTube program focused on connecting his young audience to the great outdoors, spoke about the concerns he’s hearing from his grandchildren.

“Some of the things I’m getting from my grandchildren are really little — they’re calling me and saying ‘Pop, they’re going to kill all the wolves! Why is this happening, Pop? ‘” President Biden said.

He appeared on a YouTube show with Dr. Anthony Fauci to encourage Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine, which this summer would allow for more freedom and safety when traveling, especially in America’s treasured national parks. In. But in the middle of the conversation, President Biden voiced his grandchildren’s concern for the wolves.

It is heartening to see the dire circumstances of the wolves today. In its final days in power, the Trump administration removed federal endangered species protections from wolves across the country. Soon after, hunters in Wisconsin killed over 200 wolves in less than three days. Hunting involved deeply inhumane and non-sporting tactics, including the use of bait and snails and dogs to flush exhausted wolves into firing lines. earth is justice in court Challenge the illegal and unscientific decision of the Trump administration

Elsewhere, Idaho and Montana have adopted extreme policies to allow hunting that would kill up to 90% of the wolf population in those states. It would negate decades of success in recovering the species in the northern Rockies, potentially reversing the trajectory of wolves toward extinction. The hunt is expected to begin this summer.

During a YouTube conversation, host Coyote Peterson mentioned that one of her favorite video projects was with the Colorado Wolf Center, to educate kids about the plight of wolves and how much they need federal protection. He said he was encouraged to hear that the president cares about wolves.

“Me Involved! I Involved!” President Biden responded. “Tell me about the places you think, I mean now honestly… there are the most at-risk natural resources. I have my own ideas and I’m working on them, and I have someone [Administrator Deb Haaland] In the interior department who really cares about it. You should talk to me about it.”

This call for input on how to save wolves is welcome, and we have some ideas. Ultimately, Getting back Endangered Species Act protections for wolves The most important thing we can do. The president is now reviewing the decision to remove the wolves from the list and has the authority to undo it.

We also urge federal agencies to adopt stronger policies to protect wolves on public lands in places such as Idaho and Montana that – due to Congressional carvings – are kept out of federal protection unless populations are in freefall. Caste.

We are delighted that the President cares about wolves and believes that our children and grandchildren should inherit a world where wolves live in the wild, not as dusty relics in museums.

Speaking of the youngest generation, President Biden said, “I want them to see and understand that we all have a responsibility to nature, but we also have a responsibility to each other.” take action today Ask Biden administration to restore endangered species protection for wolves.

Why is a phone number needed? Unfortunately, the Biden administration requires that your letter include certain information, including a phone number. Because of this requirement we only ask for the phone number. If your letter does not include a phone number, it cannot be delivered to the Biden administration’s electronic mail system.

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