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Biden will leave a budget outside of Hyde Improvement


President BidenJoe BedenAmid international pressure, Putin is backing Belarusian Luca Luk Nkon Bidhan administration to re-impose sanctions on Belarus over indirect flights The Senate approved a resolution calling for an investigation into COVID-19 origins MoreThe $ 6 trillion budget unveiled on Friday does not include the controversial Hyde Amendment, and promises to end a federal ban on abortion.

His decision not to include Hyde Improvements came after Biden’s campaign trail was criticized. They have reversed their previous support Denial of federal dollars for financial support for the process.

After a shootout with other presidential candidates in 2019, he said, “If I believe it’s a health care right like I do, I can no longer support that right based on someone’s zip code.”

He said he could not afford to allow millions of women to receive the care they needed and exercise their constitutional rights.

Biden has come under increasing pressure to support abortion rights as Supreme Court He heard an argument over Mississippi law After 15 weeks of pregnancy, almost all abortions are contraindicated. At the federal level in 1973, abortion was legalized by Ro and Wade.

Abortion rights activists have hailed the White House budget’s lack of funding, saying the ban will prevent low-income women from accessing the system.

“Today’s budget shows a historic step in ending the embargo that has prevented abortion care for many years and has changed the course of life for many years,” said Georges Ussova, a senior lawmaker in the US Civil Liberties Union. With unprecedented violence, abortion is rampant across the country, and racial and economic justice cannot be expected to address discriminatory barriers to care. Abortion should not be prohibited in the area where a person lives, how much money he or she has, or because of insurance. ”

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

President Biden, who once served as a supporter of unborn and maternal life policies, now has the worst voices in his party. Most Americans are opposed to tax-sponsored abortions. We urge our congressional partners to be courageous in their pursuit of the common good and not to accept any budget that does not provide the necessary protections for life. In a statement by Susan B. Anthony List.

The budget, which does not include Hyde’s amendment, has been widely supported by Republicans, and some Democrats have made similar comments in the end.


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