Big and bold Queanbeyan house is pink with a purpose

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built-in sofa

The built-in sofa was leaning against the stained glass peacock in the window. Photo: Adam McGrath of HCreation.

open the front door 2 Kinkora Place In Crestwood and bright and cheerful shades of pink will pop right off the walls, sofa, tiles in the bathroom and many other features, but delving into the home’s history brings out more heartfelt tones.

The current owner and his daughter bought it a few years ago as a place they could call home together. However, her daughter was quite unwell during the renovation and passed away from breast cancer less than a year ago.

Pink is internationally recognized as a color for breast cancer awareness, and combined with its owner’s love for the color, it finds a way to explain the bold choice. holly real estate agent Bianca Way says seeing the house for the first time highlights how she pours her current owner’s heart and soul.

“I think your home should be exactly like this. It should be a reflection of everything that makes you most happy, and that’s what’s happening.”

The house has been on the market for a week, but Bianca says there are about 20 bands on inspection tours, with some admiring the pink, while others wondering how they can soften it.

“I’d say at least half of them came just to have a look, but those who are really into it are working on how to make the best use of the space. There are so many houses!”

The house has faced many adaptations since it was built over 50 years ago and previously consisted of three separate residences with a studio apartment downstairs, another one bedroom unit and a three bedroom unit upstairs. The combined offers a total of five bedrooms, two bathrooms, three toilets, a large shed and an equally large garage.

“The floor plan curves in all directions, so a lot of people practically think about how they can live in space,” says Bianca.

Master suite equipped with classroom. Photo: Adam McGrath of HCreation.

Upstairs, you’ll find elegantly furnished bedrooms and a living area, all with stunning views of the Majura area and extending to the Black Mountain Tower.

The downstairs neighborhoods are designed to stand out, as suggested by the LED-lit peacock window on the front of the house. The flamboyant mix of pinks, warm yellows and romantic jewel tones perfectly complement the style and aesthetic of the vibrant renewal.

Many of the pink objects are fixtures, including the sofa in the living room, the laundry room, and the tiles in the bathroom, but Bianca says adding a more neutral paint to the walls is an easy way to make it more flavorful. to a wider audience.

“This is a house that cheers you up because it’s true what they say: It’s impossible to be blue when you’re surrounded by pink!”

Bianca says this will be a home she will remember well throughout her career.

“One of my favorite things about real estate is being able to experience unique spaces crafted by homeowners. The Queanbeyan district never disappoints with a wonderful, eclectic and diverse community of creative and risk takers.”

Bianca is also using this sale as an opportunity to host a fundraising event with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help achieve ‘zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030’. This will end the day after the auction and is accepting donations online.

“I thought this was a good way to celebrate this space and support its owner and the process he went through, not to mention many other women,” she says.

This home will be put up for on-site auction at 9pm on Saturday, December 4th.

It’s also an interesting exterior design. Photo: Adam McGrath of HCreation.

to learn more about 2 Kinkora Place In Crestwood, NSW or contact Bianca Way on 0403 650 128 to set up a review and check out all the other hot listings at. zengo.

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