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Big problem with Biden’s speech in Tulsi


America has a shameful, whitewashed history. Last week, Joe Biden confirmed that with his speech on the 100th anniversary of 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre – But he didn’t go far enough.

Biden said, “For too long the history of what happened here was told in silence, wrapped in darkness.” “But just because history is silent, doesn’t mean it didn’t. And while darkness can hide a lot, it erases nothing… Some injustices are so heinous, so terrible, so heinous, They cannot be buried, no matter how hard people try.” He continued to say that “only truth can bring healing.”

But what does Biden know about treatment, when his policies have caused such irreparable harm to the black community? Acknowledgment is not accountability, especially after a century of silence. no promise of police support, and a re-evaluation of their long history of anti-black legislation, and praise the racists doesn’t fix anything. Coming from Biden, I would argue, the apology does more harm than good.

His words are beautiful, but empty.

Tulsa needs financial compensation, not just an apology. Racial violence has an economic impact that is difficult to recover from, and perhaps because of this Biden is afraid to fully defend post-racism reparations. One wonders whether acknowledging the financial consequences of racism will make people look deeper into our president’s hyper-carceral policymaking and note that those affected by it deserve reevaluation as well. Whatever the reason, Biden needs to reconsider his position on reparations – whether linked to local, national or specific events – as more and more calls for financial restoration for the victims of the state Mt.

From time to time, Biden will sympathize and talk about justice. But because of the policies he advocated as a young politician, increase in police force, and a country where the police do whatever they want, whenever they want. 979 black people were shot dead By police over the past five years I expect Biden to consider how this might fit into his political legacy. Thinking this he even opposed his name. Racially integrating schools through busingThis is indeed a sad legacy.

Try as he might, Biden just can’t separate himself from his anti-black past. But he can do better now — and he can do better for Tulsa.

In his speech, he recalled the specific violence in Oklahoma City: “A murdered black family was draped over the fence outside their home. An elderly couple near their bed when they were shot in the back of the head. Were kneeling down and praying to God with my heart and my soul. Private planes are dropping explosives.”

Forgiveness is a start, but they can’t fix a broken system or reform a community. black poverty rate 35 percent. The economic impact of the Tulsa race massacre is still affecting black families. The survivors of the massacre are still around; His children and grandchildren certainly are.

Imagine a Tulsa in which financial reforms were tested. Imagine the increased likelihood of black families, the number of people who would have breathing space to pay their rent or mortgage, their student loans or their grocery costs. Imagine how people who have suffered historical prejudices might be able to live a life if they were given some breathing space. Imagine better relations with your wealthy white neighbors, many of whom have inherited wealth. Imagine the transformative effects that a small amount of cash can have on a community that has been out of shape from inequality.

Rebuilding Tulsa needs solid support and resources, not sympathy and a fleeting visit from the president. Who better to facilitate this provision of resources than President Biden, who claims he wants to take accountability for the silence?

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