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Bill suggests allowing more foreign physicians


Legislators have reaffirmed their plan to stay in the United States after training, after more international medical candidates agreed to reside in the United States and work in unprotected areas.

The law will resume on Thursday and increase the number of seats in the Conrad 30 program. Senator Amy Clobuchaar (D-Min.) First introduced the bill in 2019 with the support of two parties, but failed to pass the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Following the draft law, the re-appointment of the Konrad 30 program for three years, a language that explains accounting issues, and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and HIV. Trace how the Ja-1 visa program is being used by states.

Both the American Hospital Association and the American Medical Association support the draft, but it is unclear whether the law will effectively address the shortage of workers in rural areas.

According to a study, Journal of Primary Care and Community Health, More than 40% of Delaware healthcare professionals working in a shortage of healthcare professionals have been recruited through Konrad 30 terminations.

The bill is part of a push by lawmakers to bring more doctors to rural and underserved areas. Each state will implement the program differently based on the resources of individual medical facilities. But according to the new draft, each region will do so Add the 30 lids According to some experts, this is unlikely to be the case with up to 35 percent of all land titles in the country.

One report Rural Health Research Center Between 2000 and 2010, an average of 15 to 19 of the 30 pardons were used. The holdings used in 2010 moved to rural doctors, but that number has changed over the decades. In previous years, there were more credits for doctors working in urban, low-income communities than in rural areas. No more up-to-date information on this broadcast is publicly available.

In 2019, only 25 states will fill their 30 holdings, The highest use in the last 20 years. Large metropolitan areas, such as New York and Michigan, used each hole during this period, while smaller metropolitan areas such as Wyoming and Idaho struggled to fill 15%.

Davis Patterson, director of the Rural Health Research Center, states: “The reality is that many states have never used all the resources available to them. There is a risk that large states will sue applicants and lead to serious corruption in order to increase capital.

Patterson also said that the amount of follow-up for each amnesty program varies according to the state’s resources, making workers more dependent on their employers and vulnerable to exploitation and abuse in the country.

The bill provides some adjustments to these concerns, including a mechanism to increase gaps when use rates are 90%, prevents better investors from taking applicants from smaller states, and adds protection for workers.

By expanding access to health care in our rural and low-income communities, the Bilateral Proclamation promotes healthy living and provides families with access to the health care they deserve, said Sen. Susan Collins (Ar-Maine).

It is not clear whether the bill will bring more doctors, especially to rural areas.

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions on Thursday Members of the Legislature expressed support for health care workers who are willing to work in rural areas. Loan payment program For graduates of GME Medicare vacancies.

A Report of the American Medical Colleges Association By 2033, the United States will have a shortage of 139,000 doctors. Rural areas are particularly vulnerable. Only 11% of physicians practice in rural areas, and 20% of the American population lives in rural areas. None of this information has been considered by doctors in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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