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Billie’s Awards in Philadelphia: Nominations open for annual show


We are looking for local heroes, creators, leaders, collaborators, connectors, champions and innovators.

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There’s someone in Philadelphia you know who deserves more recognition.

Maybe it’s a close friend who is suddenly doing amazing things. A family member helped you get to where they are. A work colleague who impresses you on a regular basis. Or maybe it’s not someone you’ve met at all, but someone you’ve heard about, and think other people should do as well.

These are the people we want to honor in 2021 Billies – and we need your help to make it happen.

Nominations are now open for our annual awards show and fundraiser, scheduled for June 16th via Zoom. presented by Pat’s King of SteaksThe show will feature local entertainment, a live raffle and a special VIP after-party. Stay tuned for ticket and registration information, coming soon.

First, we need to find the honorees. In addition to our secret MVP (who is Most Valuable Philadelphian), this year’s event features nine categories that honor local heroes, creators, leaders, collaborators, connectors, champions and innovators:

🍹 Better than Wooder: To create great drinks and places to enjoy them

📲 Never delete your account: Most inspiring social media use

🎨 graffiti glitter: most interesting street art

🔄 Best Epi Pivot: Celebrating a Small Business That ‘Makes It Work’

Lenfest Sunshine Award: Most Influential Local Journalism Project (Sponsored Lenfest Institute)

🚪 Stoop-er Star: Honoring a Neighbor Who Raises Your Community

4 We All We Got, We All We Need: Celebrating the Mutual Aid Organizations Provide for Your Neighbors

🎭 The socially distant showstopper: For Outstanding (and Safe) Pandemic Live Art Production

4 Kids are fine: Zoomers break obstacles and make waves

Once you have submitted your nomination, our internal committee will narrow down the options to four finalists in each category. Then we’ll come back to you with a post that introduces all the options and asks you to vote for your favorite. The winners will be revealed on the night of the event.

You can nominate yourself, a neighbor, a stranger or a friend. Suggest someone for each category, or just one. Shout out to your neighbors, and join in celebrating the awesome Philadelphians with Billy Penn

To nominate someone for the Billy Prize, fill out the form below.

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