Birmingham cyclist attacked by gang in violent bike theft where thieves stole £3,500 bikes

A Birmingham cyclist described how three teenagers attacked him with a metal pipe on a canal tow road on his way home from work and stole his £3,500 mountain bike.

Dave Frisby also revealed that after uploading details of the incident to social media, he was contacted by two other cyclists who were recently targeted in the area but managed to escape on their bikes.

The attack occurred on Bridge 91 over the canal at around 5 pm on Tuesday, October 12, and Mr. Frisby was injured in his arm, wrist and back. Reports Birmingham Live.

He said three suspects, identified as 18-22-year-old Asian men, aged 47, dressed in gray sweatpants and black sneakers, on their way to his Hampton home in Arden, attacked him as he passed under the bridge.

“It was a bit of a shock,” he said. “There were three young men in sweatpants waiting on that bridge. I thought they were just kidding. As I passed, someone grabbed my arm. I went down with a punch and hit some railings.

“I turned around and asked them what they were doing. Then they jumped and I realized they were after the bike.

“I jumped on the bike, but I must have hit the rails so hard that I blew both tires off.” “They caught me and got me off the bike. One of them was holding a pipe or a stick and he hit me on the back.

“Someone turned around and said they were going to stab me if I didn’t let go of the bike. I didn’t see a knife but as soon as they said I left the bike. It’s over too soon.”

He added: “I’m pretty shaken and sad. I’m a relatively positive guy, I just need to get back on the horse – but finally find a new horse!

“I don’t want this to happen to anyone – that’s why I posted it on social media. The bike is replaceable no matter the cost.

But these children need to be taken off the street or someone will be seriously injured.”

Mr Frisby’s bike is a Trek ProCaliber 9.7 mountain bike with frame number WTU102XD0229R.

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said: “okeswoman told BirminghamLive: “Just after 5pm yesterday (Tuesday) a man in his 40s was stolen from his mountain bike near a bridge over the canal in Armory Road in Birmingham.

“He injured his hand and went to the hospital for further checkup. Neighborhood officials patrolled the area late in the evening and checked the tow truck along its path but nothing was found.

“An appointment has been made to meet with the victim again this week.”

Anyone with information is requested to contact the police or the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 anonymously via the 101 citation record dated 12 October 3181.

Here at, we have covered a number of incidents in which cyclists were attacked or robbed while driving their tow roads in Birmingham and other parts of the West Midlands.

In July, a cyclist with his bike, pushed into With the Worcester and Birmingham Canal in Selly Oak, in March police stepped up their patrols on the road from Birmingham to the Fazeley Canal after two cyclists had their bikes stolen there in separate incidents.

> On the West Midlands channel, the gang stole two bikers from their bikes

Last year also saw a series of attacks against women on the Worcester and Birmingham canal tow road, close to the University of Birmingham.

> Young gang pushing female cyclists into Birmingham canal

There has also been a series of violent bike thefts in London recently, including the notorious case of professional cyclist Alexandar Richardson. threatened with a machete and robbed in Richmond Park. A number of similar attacks have taken place since then.The Metropolitan Police said in a statement that it “will carry out every reasonable line of investigation to reclaim the property and bring any suspects to justice.”

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