BLACK INK CREW DRAMA: Charmaine’s Tattoo Shop Beef with Kitty & Draya plays on social media

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The last episode of "Black Ink Crew Chicago" powder intensive when Charmaine dismissed her (former) friend Kitty and their tattoo artists Draya from her Tattoo Shop, 2nd City Ink. Find out what went down in the show and check out the social media followers inside ….

Things got heated up on the last episode of "Black Ink Crew Chicago" between the ladies.

2. City Ink Owner Charmaine Bey got word that her co-workers were talking dirt behind her back, so she called a team meeting to get things out.



Draya in the Kitty are not happy with the way Charmaine operates 2nd City Ink, and accuse her of not providing the materials needed to run a tattoo shop properly (above). At the time, Charmaine was struggling to maintain the store and take care of her father’s depleted health.

During her team meeting, Charmaine announced that she would pay $ 1,500 / month stand rent. It’s clear that Draya did not feel this, so she called her. The tattoo artist has argued that she does not have to pay stand rent if Charmaine does not even provide the basis for the tattoo in the store. Not only that, Draya said that Charmaine asked her to come back so she did not have to pay.

After some back and forth, Draya decided she was done, so Charmaine gave her the boot. 2nd City Ink’s brand manager Kitty then jumped into the discussion and called Charmaine for the way she was dealing with Draya. Charmaine stopped Kitty from failing to fulfill her brand manager duties before she was even fired.

Check it:





When the episode aired, Round 2 of her agreement came out on Twitter. Kitty tweeted that she really wanted to help Charmaine and did so by buying things for the store with her own money. Charmaine sot AHT AHT!

Shortly afterwards, Draya joined the chat to express her frustrations about her former boss:


It seems that there will be more drama when the episode airs next week:



It’s going down.

A new episode of "Black Ink Crew Chicago" next Monday at 8 / 7c on VH1.

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