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Black Lives Matter St. Paul founder Rashad Turner says he gave up on the ‘ugly truth’


A founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in St. Paul says he resigned over what he described as the organization’s lack of interest in supporting black families and protesting school choice, calling it “ugly Truth” said.

“I was an insider in Black Lives Matter. And I learned the ugly truth,” Rashad Turner said in a video posted on YouTube by TechCharge Minnesota on Thursday.

Mr. turner, a Minneapolis native who now serves as executive director of Minnesota Parent Union, said He was the first person in his Family to graduate from college. He Then earned a master’s degree in education from St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minnesota.

“I am living proof that, no matter what your beginning in life, quality education is the path to success.” He said. “I want the same success for my children in my communities. So in 2015 I was the founder of Black Lives Matter in St. Paul. I believed that the organization stood for exactly what it is called: Black Lives Matter. keeps. “

“However, within a year, I found that they had little concern for the rebuilding of black families, and they cared even less about improving the quality of education for students in Minneapolis.” He said.

He A 2016 platform cited by the Movement for Black Lives, a network that includes Black Lives Matter, called for a moratorium on charter schools along with national teacher unions, despite the black community’s support for alternatives to traditional public schools.

“The ban on charter schools does not support the reconstruction of the black family. But it creates obstacles in the way of better education of black children, ”said Mr. turner said. “I resigned from Black Lives Matter after a year and a half. But I did not stop working to improve the lives of black people and to have access to a great education.”

his The video, which was picked up by the Daily Wire and other conservative publications, made a brief comment on Black Lives Matter St. Paul on its Facebook page.

After being asked on Sunday whether BLM-St. Paul’s official response was, the page admin replied, “That MFR is a weirdo.”

The administrator later said: “Don’t believe the sh** they say.”

The page does not mention Mr. turner by name, but National Public Radio Profile Him In June 2020, saying He Initially wanted to become a police officer but “decided instead to help” his community by becoming an activist,” and that He “Established a chapter of Black Lives Matter in St. Paul.”

The Black Lives Matter Global Network has come under criticism for its left-wing stance, including its now-deleted “What We Believe” statement, which declared that “we support each other as extended families”. By circumventing the need for Western-defined nuclear family structure and the ‘villages’ that collectively care for each other, especially our children. “

In the video Mr. turner said that his When father was shot dead He was two, and that He Was raised by his Grandparents. He earned his College degree from Hamline University in St. Paul.

He said Minnesota Parent Union, which advocates school choice, is “against forces that do not want us to succeed.”

“But success is possible,” He said. “Just look at me and the hundreds of children and families we’ve helped to achieve a great education, break the chains of poverty, and live a life of success.”

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