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Black people turned to therapy after a traumatic year


Dr. Lewis sometimes feels anxious or anxious that some black people are experiencing “shared emotions” because of the news coverage of the George Floyd case and other high-profile police shootings.

“We’re flooded with these things over and over again, and I’m making these issues worse and worse because black Americans in the United States already have problems that seem to be related to race in their daily lives,” he said.

Racism, economics, and parenting are sometimes topics of discussion Str8 mental, Is an imaginary group that provides an opportunity for black men to discuss issues that affect their lives nationwide, says community organizer Brad Edwards Dear Fathers, A platform for telling stories of black fatherhood. Str8 mentally meets monthly, and sessions allowing at least 30 participants are conducted by two black male therapists.

Mr. Edwards, a black man, said: “As black men, we often think we are alone because we have not learned to open up and discuss what we are doing.” “These people are really creating bonds. Only open-minded and safe-flowing visitors.

Mr. Edwards “Str8 Mental” was started about a year ago and was born out of an epidemic of black society. “We created this to give men a chance to come and unload,” he said. Over the past two years, “I think talks about therapists and therapists have become more common in the black community.” He said at least 700 men participated.

Strings of large pharmacy chains They have recently entered the mental health market. Since January, CVS has added licensed clinical social workers trained in cognitive behavioral therapy in more than a dozen areas, and Walmarart and Rit Aid are working to provide similar services.

There is also a growing number of celebrities who support mental health care, including actress Taraji P. Henson. Basis Eliminate stigma surrounding mental health issues in the black community.

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