Blackburn’s Grace Davies releases ‘roots’ music video

Blackburn musician Grace Davies has a Music Video of the hit song that took four years to release.

The ‘roots’ EP was released last Friday (October 8th) and since then it has climbed the UK music charts and been played on the national radio station.

Now, Langho-born Grace has released the music video to accompany the song — and fans love it.

At the time of writing, the YouTube video has garnered more than 26,000 views and it focuses on Grace as the space around her slowly begins to shrink.

It’s filled with some impressive and aesthetic shots, including one by Grace singing in front of a stack of books and another by Grace dancing outside, surrounded by sparklers.

Lancashire Telegraph: Grace Davies am 'roots' Music Video (Photo: YouTube / Grace Davies)Grace Davies on ‘roots’ Music Video (Photo: YouTube / Grace Davies)

Hundreds of people went to the comments section to talk about the music video and express their love for it.

One person wrote: “This song … if it brings no tears or two, then something is wrong with you.

“Best of all, from the lyrics to your singing … absolutely stunning. It just makes me want more and more.”

Another talked about her X Factor journey, writing, “Grace, you cry when you thought you did not enter Sharon’s house, then your shock when you still raise it, no matter how many times I watch it.

“As she told you back then – ‘You have too much talent’.

Congratulations on sharing your beautiful song and skills with the rest of the world.

“It was a long wait four years but it’s just the beginning.”

Earlier this week, the former St Leonard’s CE primary school student also appeared on the Graham Liver show for Radio Lancashire, where she talked about the success of ‘Roots’ and also a bit about her X Factor journey.

Davies, who was in the 2017 series of The X Factor, was the first “roots” in her audition.

Speaking to Graham, she said: “I signed up right away [the X Factor] and was detained for a long time and was not allowed to be released [songs] if I wanted to.

“Now independently I’m allowed to release the songs I want to do when I want to do them – so I’m releasing them now, four years later. [roots]. ”

Graham asked her, “When you look back at the X Factor, are you glad you did?”

“Yeah, I do not think I can ever regret it,” Grace said. “It gave me the opportunity and the platform that I had in the last four years and I did things that I never expected to do.

“It was not the journey I thought I would make – I was a songwriter and just wanted to be an artist.

“Going to a reality TV show was not something I thought I would do.

“But it got me where I am and I can’t beat it.”

She also talked about one of her favorite memories from her X Factor experience – and that came back to her hometown of Blackburn and realize that “everything has changed” for her.

Lancashire Telegraph: Grace Davies plays in Blackburn ahead of the X Factor Finals in 2017Grace Davies will play in Blackburn ahead of the X Factor Finals in 2017

She said: “I remember coming back to Blackburn town center before the finals and 5,000 people showed up.

“I remember going to the Blackburn Mall after the finale and it was a VIP meet and greet outside of the New Look – it was just so weird!”

You can watch the full music video of ‘Roots’ by Grace Y.ouTube Channel. You can also watch Graham Liver’s interview with Grace BBC Sounds.

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