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Blinken Blames Everyone Except Biden for Afghanistan Disaster

During Wednesday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) spoke out during his hearing with Secretary of State Antony Blinken on the Afghanistan withdrawal at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Cotton said Blinken “spent the last two days blaming everyone but Joe Biden, who was responsible for the fiasco in Afghanistan.”

“You know, Tony Blinken has spent the last two days blaming everybody but Joe Biden, who took the blame for the fiasco in Afghanistan,” Cotton said. “And that’s because Tony Blinken has been helping Joe Biden for a long time, and yes he’s my man. It’s not surprising that he got there and argued that it was some sort of extraordinary achievement, as the president said.”

“When our military had to evacuate more than 100,000 people who did a great job on the ground and lost 13 Americans to a suicide bomber, I wouldn’t say it was an extraordinary achievement. Let’s remember that civilians are responsible for this type of withdrawal and evacuation, a job that Tony Blinken should never have been called to due to the disorderly and unplanned evacuation they had to do because the Disclosure Department did not plan it properly. and it was organized for that.”

Cotton does not want Blinken’s resignation, arguing that Blinken is simply following Biden’s orders.

“I think unfortunately the person responsible for what happened in Afghanistan is the president, not Tony Blinken,” he said. “And Tony Blinken is running the president’s policy. I still have some questions about Tony Blinken’s preparation for this evacuation and exactly how well the State Department planned or didn’t plan it. I want to get to the bottom of them. And we’ll see what those questions prove in the long run.

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