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BLM protester recalls controversial arrest


IMPERIAL BEACH – A Black Lives Matter protester said Tuesday that he was unfairly targeted by the deputy of the San Diego County Sheriff and that all charges against him should be dropped after an encounter with the deputy over the weekend at Imperial Beach.

“I came to Imperial Beach to support my friends, family and community. After the march, I started to chalk on the pier. A disturbing alcoholic came and tried to throw water at Kala and me. I pushed his cup of water away and he threatened to beat me. People came to my rescue and I saw him from afar threatening another person,” said 24-year-old Margarita Cervin about Sunday’s incident.

Cervin was arrested on charges of battery and resisting arrest. He was released on June 7 after posting $20,000 bail.

Deputies say a follow-up investigation suggests that the man who first reported the incident was punched in the face by a now-identified woman, who was not Servin.

“All charges against Margarita should be dropped. She was here expressing her First Amendment rights. And what does she get for her First Amendment rights? Knocked down and jumped by law enforcement. She wasn’t even the person she was.” They were exploring,” said Yusef Miller of the North County Equity and Justice Coalition.

Deputies argue that Servin pulled away from the deputy when they told him he was under arrest. They say at least three protesters held the woman to prevent her from being taken into custody. Additional protesters began attacking the deputy, pushing, scratching and spitting, resulting in minor injuries. They say that a protester was seen strapping on a body camera and another body camera was stolen.

“We encourage peaceful gathering of people to express themselves. We respect everyone’s right to be heard. However, violent acts and threats of violence have no place in peaceful demonstrations. We ask the public to cooperate with the deputy when he is called to investigate crimes,” the department said.

“I appreciate the fact that he has since said that he has realized that it was not the person who killed the man. Now he needs to drop all charges,” said Marcus Boyd of the Imperial Beach People’s Alliance Because she was not resisting arrest, she was not arrested.


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