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Blockchain Competitive Advantage: Whether You’re an Entrepreneur, Investor or Established Company, Learn How to Win the Battle for Blockchain Competitive Advantage, Reviewed


We look at this thought-provoking and interesting book by the husband and wife team of Alison Davis and Matthew C. Le Merrell. You can see more about the book Here and their website Here.

Blockchain Competitive Advantage: Learn How to Win the Battle for Blockchain Competitive Advantage, Reviewed

Written in 2019, this book has elements of foresight and is also a reminder of how far things have come and changed since it was written. The authors have a good base in the industry to write this book, and they have impressive resumes, meaning the book isn’t written for opportunistic reasons.

The book follows a systematic structure and carefully explains what blockchains are, their different flavors, why they are useful, and how they can be applied to various potential business cases. Chapter 13, Entrepreneur Advantage is also a good example of a detailed exploration of potential opportunities that are worth exploring. Even two years later, it can be argued that the technology has matured and there may be less of a gap between the hype and the possibilities of what can actually be achieved.

The authors have written a series of books in this area and it is a helpful addition to the broader big picture they are hoping to describe and inform the terms of the opportunities there.

More information about the book ->

Blockchain is moving into a new competitive phase that requires a clearer future outlook and more focused strategies to compete. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor or established company, learn how to win the battle for blockchain competitive advantage. The book offers clear advice from two experts in strategy, technology investing, and blockchain. The author in its pages:

• Establish a vision of the future and the big issues that need to be resolved

• Describe enabling innovations and technologies that can be leveraged

• Show you how to develop your strategy—making sure you have “the way to play,” that you understand the key factors to success, and that you quickly secure your “right to win.”

Some leaders in blockchain have started to do just that, and they are now preparing for a more competitive game – which is fast approaching.

Fifth Era provides our investor circle with an alternative asset platform that creates portfolios difficult to access for early stage ventures. Fifth Era. is the manager of blockchain investors, leading a blockchain venture fund of funds and a Coininvestment program to invest directly in emerging unicorns.

More information about the authors ->

Mathieu Le Merle is the Managing Partner of Fifth Era and Blockchain Coininvestors, the fund’s leading blockchain venture fund with investments in 250+ blockchain companies and projects and 20+ blockchain unicorns. Matthew is also the Managing Partner of Keiretsu – the most active early-stage venture investor backing more than 300 companies a year. He is the President of the concept art house, Securitize (Europe), Universal Protocol Alliance, and Vice President of SFOX.

He currently serves as an advisor to several teams including Trident/Lottery.com and EC Assets SPAC. Matthew’s career has spanned as a global strategy advisor, professional services firm leader, corporate operating executive, private equity and venture capital investor, and board of directors. His board work includes chairman or non-executive director roles at 15 public and private companies and active advisory
The role of the board in fast growing companies. Matthew’s board experience covers a wide range of industries including digital content/videogames, eCommerce, fintech/blockchain, business services, consumer and retail.

Mathew has advised sovereign and regional economic institutions on issues of innovation, entrepreneurship and cluster development. Clients cover the world, from China, the EU and the UK to the US, including their home state of California and the Bay Area/Silicon Valley. Earlier in his career, Matthews spent 21 years with McKinsey & Company as a strategy, operations and corporate finance advisor to the Fortune 500 CEO, board and executive teams, and as a practice leader with AT
Kearney and Monitor Group where he led the West Coast practices of both firms and Booz & Co. He was also a Corporate Executive at Gap Inc, where he was SVP Strategy and Corporate Development and SVP GlobalMarketing.

Matthew is an assistant professor at Singularity University, bestselling author (The Intelligent Investor – Silicon Valley, Blockchain Competitive Advantage, Corporate Innovation in the Fifth Era, Build Your Fortune in the Fifth Era, The Ministry of Bitcoin and Second Chance) and keynote speaker. He obtained BA (Double First)
and Master’s from Christ Church, Oxford and MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. He was born in London, UK, and is now a dual US/UK citizen and lives in San Francisco and London with his wife Alison Davis. They have five adult children.

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