“Bloodshot screams, shots”: Residents describe scary daylight attack in Auckland’s suburb

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Police armed with rifles patrolled a suburban street in New Zealand after neighbors heard gunshots and blood-curdling screams.

Frightened residents hid in their homes in Auckland’s suburb of Glen Eden after an attack there, with a terrified woman describing that she heard “blood-dripping screams and shots” ringing outside her home.

At least six police cars and armed police went down to an address on Virgo Place in the suburbs, while an Eagle helicopter also circled around the area.

NZ Herald reported a resident of nearby Hydra Place called police during the incident.

“I talked on the phone to the police and I could see cars reversing and people running and continuing and I said, ‘I think someone is being run over’, and then when I called the police we heard shots,” said the woman, who wanted to be anonymous Herald.

“I almost shit myself and went screaming into the kitchen. I was really scared.

“Then we saw these big strong guys pick this guy up from the ground, carry him up the road covered in blood on his arms and legs, threw him in the back of the car and they took off.

“We found out from the guy where it happened – just outside his house – that the guy had been cut with a machete.”

She was unsure if he had been shot or if a gun had been fired and not hit anyone.

The police had then arrived and she was inside the barrier.

This after several reports on social media from residents about an incident in the area.

Two armed policemen blocked residents from entering the street, while other policemen – some wearing gloves and face masks – patrolled the area.

A police officer told a resident who was trying to enter the street that there was “nothing to worry about”, but the street would remain locked for a few more hours.

Another nearby resident asked the police if anyone was on the run, to which a police officer replied: “you are safe”.

The police confirmed to NZME that there was an active police operation in the suburbs.

A number of people who are believed to be connected to the incident are assisting the police with investigations. It is understood that they are known to the victim.

This story originally appeared on NZ Herald and reproduced with permission


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