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Blue Health Intelligence, Analytics IIC Payer Helps Fight Health Loss


To reduce health inequality, two companies are joining forces to combine multiple Health Plan member information with race, ethnicity and language.

The companies are based in Chicago Blue Health Intelligence, Is licensed by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and a Georgian-based database Analysis no, which one Announces Partnership on Monday.

The Blue Health Database (US) includes data from all members of the blues, and integrates blueprints with analytical IT capabilities to draw insights that can be used to design more equitable community partnerships and intervention programs. Health Intelligence, by email.

Together, Blue Health Intelligence has improved its database of more than 60 million current health plan members and more than 200 million members over the past 12 years – Abbott. . The partnership includes 13 ethnic and linguistic data sources, including “Southeast Asia”, “Middle East” and “Polynesian”.

“Analytics IIC provides in-depth and extensive information on a wide range of ethnic information from a major ethnic group and ethnic group to their home country and first language,” he said.

These pieces of information are useful for Blue Health Intelligence because they provide insights into lifestyle that can be used to improve members’ experience and participation.

For example, health plans may use the information verified to match the Spanish-speaking care providers whose first language is Spanish from the time the program was first registered. He said the plan could reduce both health care costs and improve outcomes.

In an email, Dale Kelly, CEO of Analytics Iak, said: “The data provided by Analytics IAC is really basic to people.” This awareness is the first step to better results.

Due to an increasing number of outbreaks, payers are focusing on coping with health problems People with a very heavy complexion. In April, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association New National Health Equity Strategy, Focuses on four factors that affect the color community: maternal health, behavioral health, diabetes, and cardiovascular conditions.

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