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Blue Lagoon Center’s Bavendian Baby Swimming Pool Plan


A swimming school is hoping that it will be lucky for the third time with plans to convert the industrial unit into a learning pool.

Blue Lagoon Centers have submitted plans Brighton and Hove City Council to set up four small learner pools on Unit 9.3 at The Hyde in Bavendeen.

The company runs a baby swimming school in Eastbourne, and is looking to expand Brighton.

Previous applications to operate near Brighton Marina and the Goldstone Industrial Estate fell through, but Blue Lagoon director Carl Meek believes Bevendian is an ideal site, especially because it has good public transport links.

Mr. Meek said the focus is on offering children’s swimming lessons and private rentals and physiotherapy sessions in the two pools.

He said: “Private pools are used all over the city by existing swimming schools, and they are a nuisance to the neighbors, unfortunately – the parking problem, and the sheer volume of people engulfing the domestic setting.

“Our dedicated center will provide better facilities to the people all around.”

Planned layout of swimming pool

In its application, Blue Lagoon includes a letter from commercial property consultant Fluid confirming that the site was on the market for industrial use for three years without success.

Plans are available to view and comment on Brighton and Hove City Council’s planning website planning app.brighton-hove.gov.uk by searching BH2021/01784

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