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Bob Brenley makes blatantly racist remarks during broadcast


Cut his mic already.

Cut his mic already.
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This story can be done pretty much every season, and it’s pretty exhausting, but even then you can’t help but be surprised at its regularity. Bob Brenley complains about modern baseball in a vaguely racist way. Marcus Strowman was the target last night:

Strowman, as you can imagine, wasn’t thrilled at all With Brainly’s joke, because he knows where it comes from. Labeling them “undertones” is probably very fair to Strowman, as they weren’t all “under”. It’s just a subtitle, “This ain’t my America” ​​with “That baseball I don’t remember,” the tone that Brainly is setting here. Strowman doesn’t quite conform to Brainly’s vision for the game, and that vision is clearly mayonnaise-slanted. It’s a pining for the way things used to be, a time Brainly is more comfortable with, and a time when we have to repeat in seemingly ear-splitting amounts that long ago passed. is.

But that’s nothing new for Brainly, who has been quarantining about Latin or black players not being a part of the game or doing things he doesn’t feel like. his game. People love his game. Cubs fans can regale you with dozens of examples of the brainy bitch about Aramis Ramirez or Alfonso Soriano in a way they thought wasn’t fair, but little on Ryan Theriot’s utter inability to understand the rules of the game. Comment made.

Or was it about Fernando Tatis:

Or here was last year when he turned his attention from racist jokes to the crusty baseball theory that fits better in the hockey world:

or here he is Going Nuclear on Manny Machado Because it was easy out for so many people not so long ago.

This is hardly a complete list. Any d-back watcher, or Cubs watcher, of the 2000s knows that Brainly’s rant about how the game should be played or what’s wrong on the field is aimed solely at players who just don’t happen to be white. .

The only reason we stand with Brenley is that both Randy Johnson and Kurt Schilling landed on him in 2001, and despite Brenley’s best efforts, the Diamondbacks won the World Series anyway. It should be noted that Arizona never won a playoff game under Brenley again, and despite using his pulpit behind Mike to pine for another job for years, he never got one. . He is one of the few dolts that MLB hasn’t even required to be recycled, although his lieutenant Bob Melvin has been one of the best managers with an A for some time. Funny how it works. So who really ran the 2001 Arizona team?

Whenever Baseball wants to go around to find out why its popularity keeps sinking like a submarine made of graham firecrackers, he’ll find that the people the game offers are as brainy as crap. They’re either getting ready for a game long ago that includes no other races but their own, or they’re actively shouting at it like John Smoltz. Anyone who hasn’t grown up with the game and that includes it, why would anyone want to stick with it?

Brainly will have to read at least one ready-made on-air apology he’ll barely believe and hard-sell, and Diamondbacks goes on like it never happened. Apparently 2001, even 20 years later when most of those fans are probably dead by now (this is Arizona), there’s still a lot of weight out there. Brainly keeps on fucking and living as a donkey, and yet he remains in his seat.


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