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Body found during search for missing 6-year-old Samuel Olsen at Texas Motel’s Jasper


HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – Theresa Balboa, the girlfriend of Samuel Olsson’s father, is believed to be found in the room of a motel in Jasper, Texas, where the body of a missing 6-year-old boy is believed to be found.

The body was discovered on Tuesday night, just days after the youth was reported missing.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finer confirmed that the discovery of the body confirmed the worst fears for the young boy.

Finer also confirmed that a suspect is being questioned in the case. More information will be made available on Wednesday.

“I ask the entire Houston community to join HPD in sending prayers for Samuel and his family,” Finer tweeted.

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The little boy just turned six over the weekend.

On Monday, Balboa said she last saw the child last Thursday morning in the 8800 block of McAvoy Drive in southwest Houston. He was also seen looking for Samuel in the Webster area.

“I was on my way to take Sam to school when his mother came to the police officer, or I was under the impression of being a police officer, and they asked me to release Sam,” Balboa told Monday.

Balboa said he handed the child over to the mother as the parents are in a custody battle. However, Satterwhite said investigators have not been able to confirm this and that Sam may in fact have gone missing weeks ago.

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