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Booker puts the Lakers on the verge of knocking the Lakers out of the playoffs


Devin Booker scored 30 points with 7 rebounds and 5 assists for the Phoenix Suns as he comfortably beat the Los Angeles Lakers 115–85 to finish the defending champions 3–2 after five games from the NBA playoffs. abandoned on the verge of. of the playoff series between the sides.

James Harden recorded a triple-double for the Brooklyn Nets as he defeated the Boston Celtics 123–109 to go 4–1 in the NBA playoffs and book his place in the conference semifinals. Harden scored 34 points with 10 rebounds and 10 assists in the game for the Nets.

The Denver Nuggets defeated the Portland Trail Blazers 147–140 in overtime to take a 3–2 lead in the NBA playoff series. Nikola Jokic contributed 38 points with 11 rebounds and 9 assists to help the Nuggets win the game. The loss to Damien Lillard was also a historic night for the Trail Blazers, as he scored 55 points, including 12 three-point shots, setting a new NBA record for threes scored in a playoff game.

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