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Bookings surge for Galtress Lodge as lockdown reforms paid off


A city center hotel that has gone through lockdown changes has enjoyed a surge in bookings as public confidence grows.

After reopening to overnight guests and indoor dining, Galtress Lodge Hotel has increased bookings by 50 percent for June.

The independently owned hotel is beginning a new chapter, with a new reception area, improvements to public areas and a refurbished One restaurant.

New features are in addition to the appeal of the hotel’s oak-adorned rooms, with Georgian-themed décor and minster views, and its dog-friendly condition.

Owners who are keen to share their new look with locals and visitors after the lockdown restrictions were eased say they have had a flood of bookings since their reopening was announced.

The news is reflected in booking figures from several other accommodation providers in and around York, the city’s enduring appeal already attracting back-day-trippers and stay-at-home moms.

Rebecca Hill, owner of the 12-bedroom hotel and restaurant, said: “It is a wonderful feeling to be open again and to welcome guests to both the hotel and the One Restaurant.

“We are particularly excited for visitors to see the results of our renovation, which keeps us busy during lockdown and gives us something positive to focus on otherwise difficult times.

“The response so far has been fantastic, and we have seen a 50 per cent increase in bookings for June, indicating that consumer confidence is strong.

“We have also seen a slight change in consumer behavior since we announced our reopenings, people are now planning ahead with bookings and bookings throughout the week – not just for the weekend.

“This is incredibly reassuring for those working in hospitality because it shows that people are still choosing to support the sector and will come at other days and times to do so.”

Galtress Lodge has also introduced The Hideaway, a pleasant, new private dining area where its seasonal new menu will be served, each dish using locally sourced ingredients, including fish and meat from the Shambles market.

Al fresco dining is available in the newly renovated outdoor space, The Secret Garden. Nestled in the far courtyard, guests can enjoy the restaurant’s carte menu with warming heaters under fairy lights and overhead covers.

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