Boris Johnson announces new defense partnership with US and Australia to make the world a safer place

Britain made a new statement defense Partnership with the USA and Australia.

In the live broadcast announcement on Downing Street, Prime Minister Boris Johnson He said the alliance, known by the acronym Aukus, will make the world safer and create jobs across the UK.

It appears to be a move to counter China’s growing power.

Boris Johnson said: “I am pleased to join President Biden and Prime Minister Morrison to announce that the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States have formed a new tripartite defense partnership known as Aukus to work hand in hand to maintain security and stability in the Indo-Pacific. glove.

“We are opening a new chapter in our friendship and the first mission of this partnership will be to help Australia acquire a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines, emphasizing, of course, that these submarines will operate with nuclear reactors, not nuclear reactors. And our work will be fully aligned with our non-proliferation obligations. “

Mr Johnson added: “Perhaps most importantly, the UK, Australia and the US will unite even more closely together, reflecting the measure of trust between us, the depth of our friendship and the enduring strength of our shared values ​​of freedom and democracy.

“Now the UK will start this project together with our allies, making the world safer and creating jobs across the UK.”


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