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Boris Johnson has told friends he is broken and has to accept free holidays and meals from donors


Is Boris Johnson really tough?

  • Numerous reports indicate that Boris Johnson is facing serious financial problems.
  • They claim that his recent divorce has made his multiple children and declining income even more difficult.
  • The reports come as he claims to have sought to use donors to pay for his living expenses.
  • However, those who know Johnson well believe that there is a simpler explanation for his claim.
  • See Business Insider for more information.

Boris Johnson has told his friends that he is experiencing Serious money problems

Numerous reports indicate that the British Prime Minister’s financial situation has prompted him to try, and in some cases succeed, to use the help of the Conservative Party and other donors to pay the following costs:

Some commentators close to Johnson said the financial problems were allegedly due to his declining income since entering Downing Street, along with the payment for him. Unknown number of children, and she Divorce from his second wife Marina Wheeler.

Without access to Johnson’s personal financial records, it is impossible to say with certainty that these allegations about his possible hardship are impossible to take seriously.

However, an analysis of his declared income, as well as a description of his past behavior, leaves room for doubt.

In the top 1% revenue generators

To begin with, it should be noted that Johnson 160 160,000 salary as Prime Minister, while not compared to some of his higher-income peers in the stratosphere, still keeps him in 1. Total income in the UK.

It should also be noted that, unlike most people, housing, transportation, and much of his living expenses are also provided by taxpayers.

And while he has had a significant reduction in his main sources of income since becoming prime minister, he was one of the country’s highest-paid politicians before becoming prime minister. 5 275,000 a year from his telegraph column Above his salary as a politician.

And although he was forced to leave that column, but according to Record his interests.

In addition, he also announced 12 123,000 for a lecture in India in 2019, plus 000 88,000 from Hodder and Staughton publishers to advance an as-yet-unpublished book about Shakespeare.

Despite all this past and present income, a report from Last week Sunday Times According to a government source, the prime minister was so strict that he missed important emergency meetings at the beginning of the epidemic because of “working on Shakespeare’s biography, the money he needed to fund his divorce.”

A spokesman for the publisher did not comment on whether Johnson had kept the pre-sale of the book unpublished, but told Insider: “We are not going to publish the book in the foreseeable future” and “We will never know about the progress of our authors.” “

He never bought a drink

Johnson’s colleagues say he never buys away.

So is Johnson really as tough as his insiders and media allies say, or is something else going on?

Prime Minister Sonia Pernell, biographer, Who worked alongside Johnson early in his career as a journalist, is unconvinced and believes there may be a simpler explanation.

Pornell suggests that Johnson act as usual, instead of being strict, that is, finding every excuse to stop opening the wallet.

“Throughout his life he has been very successful in avoiding paying,” Pornell told Insider.

“This is a game he’s always played … I mean, what does he spend his money on? Certainly not to buy people drinking around the pub.

“He has never done that. I was in Brussels all the time … you went to the bar and he drank other people’s drinks and never bought a drink. I never mean.

Johnson’s colleagues say he is also reluctant to pay his debts.

“One of the first things someone told me when I got there was that he was going to ask you to lend him money,” says Pornell.

“Never do that because he asks everyone and never gives back.”

His credit was extended to even one of the most cautious EU officials quoted in Johnson’s pornographic biography for non-payment.

“You have always been cautious,” the official told Pernell.

“I was told I would never lend him money because he never returned it – so when he asked for 50 50, I refused.”

Empty envelopes

Counterfeit banknote showing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the Green Party Autumn Conference on October 4, 2019 in Newport, Wales.

Johnson is in good shape by any reasonable standard, with multiple homes, book deals, and salaries.

However, those who know Johnson describe him as almost a comic with little money.

When he first met his second wife, he claimed that he had taken her to a meeting with a cryptic rabbit to avoid paying for lunch.

He continued this habit in the next life, famous Losing a 1000 1,000 bet with his former employer Max Hastings, Just refuse to pay him.

After much grunting, Johnson finally agreed to take the money and then send an empty envelope to Hastings.

“Whether Hastings really needed the money or not is not here and there,” Pornell told Insider.

“The fact that he’s sitting there, addressing an envelope, sealing it, posting it and not having anything in it since, is just weird.”

By all accounts, Johnson was still reluctant to pay.

In fact, one of my first encounters with Johnson was in the dining room in the basement of Hall Hall, where he was at the height of his power as mayor of London and a columnist for the Daily Telegraph.

While I was waiting to pay for lunch with another journalist, Johnson went and asked me to lend him 3 3 for his sandwich, to his surprise.

Insiders say Johnson’s infamous appearance was partly due to his reluctance to spend on clothes.

In fact her dress while the mayor, which is often a strange combination of gray and faded coat Municipal green bean hatsAccording to a former colleague, some of them were removed from the transport for the lost London real estate office by Johnson.

How bad was her divorce agreement?

Boris Johnson (L) and his wife Marina Wheeler (R) leave after voting at the EU referendum polling station in London, England on June 23, 2016.

At the heart of Johnson’s apparent hardship is his divorce from his second wife last year.

However, Johnson’s biographer is skeptical of Johnson’s own claims that their separation made him penniless.

“I think the culprit is gender,” Pornell told Insider.

“After all, he is a very lucrative person and always has been. He is a QC and he has done very well.

“I’m not just buying it that took him to the cleaners.”

Is Johnson’s finances a security risk?

Whether Johnson is really strict or not, or just claiming to be in his pocket, some believe that his financial claims can be damaging.

The revelation that Johnson had Received an unpaid debt order From the court led to a trial The former spy told Insider Such claims could be used to damage his reputation, while others said they could also expose him to ransom by hostile countries.

“All these stories that he says are hard are a bit like taking out a begging bowl,” Pornell told Insider.

“I think MI6 is shaking in its boots. This can be interpreted as an invitation to violate its own security and national security. You are not just doing this as prime minister.”

And while Johnson’s claims for funding to pay for luxury travel and wallpaper have only been delayed, it is unclear exactly who he sought.

“We don’t know who is giving him the money for the wallpaper and the holidays and the rest of the money,” says Pornell.

“And these are the only things we know about.”

What else have people paid for? Her personal trainer, her babysitter, play equipment, everything. It just rises and poses a huge security risk to him down Downing Street. “

Johnson’s spokesman called for comment.

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