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Boris Johnson’s announcement: PM warns of ‘severe unrest’


Boris Johnson has warned that the key to “serious elections” and “serious violence” in the wake of the issue of Covide-19, India’s most contagious Indian species in the UK.

“If the differences are to spread further, we will have to face some tough elections,” the prime minister said in a press conference today (May 14).

He said if the Indian breed proves to be more viral than the previous strain, it could endanger the fourth lock-in, which is currently planned for June.

In response to a number of issues, Mr Johnson said more than 50 people would be vaccinated for the second time and more than 40 for the first time.

“There is no evidence that India will miss out on vaccines,” he said, adding that plans to ease restrictions on the third step in the roadmap will continue on Monday, May 17.

“I believe in the evidence that we do not need to delay our road map and we will continue our plan to move to England in three stages from Monday,” said Mr Johnson.

But I have to balance with you that this new difference will make it more difficult to move to level four in June, as it can be very disruptive to our development.

Monday is set to further ease locking restrictions, for the first time in months in the UK it will reopen in the UK. The Mirror reports.

Unnecessary international travel is also allowed – but people returning from Amber and Red are listed as neutral.

Earlier, 17 deaths were confirmed by the Department of Health and 2,193 people were positively diagnosed.

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The government says there has been a 9.4 percent increase in new cases.

In addition, four people in the UK have died after contracting an Indian covida, and residents in the worst-affected areas have called for immunization to be given priority.

Issues of B.1.617.2 have more than doubled in the UK – from 520 to 1,313 – Public Health UK confirmed in one week.

Health officials also confirmed today The Indian version of Covid-19 was discovered in Cambridge.

The Prime Minister Kent’s differences, which forced him to be locked up in January, said he was “worried” about the potential for mutations by experts.

High-frequency inspections have been launched in 15 areas, including Bolton, Forbes and London, and are among other measures to improve the sector’s order and improve communication delivery.

London and the North West have reported a large number of reports of the problem, which the World Health Organization has described as a “global concern.”

London had 400 cases as of Wednesday, accounting for one-third of all Covidy cases in the capital.

The North West was not far behind in one-fourth of the region’s proven and potential coronavirus cases, including Greater Manchester.

Blackburn told Darwin Borough Council yesterday that people over the age of 18 can be vaccinated after additional immunizations – before returning to the notice.

Vaccination Minister Nadihim Zawi said earlier that easing restrictions could continue as planned next month.

He told LBC that the only thing we should not do is isolate, isolate, isolate your PCR test in those areas by doing two tests a week.

We have to break the cycle of infection because one of these big tests has to suppress the amount of infection, and the other big test is different.

If those problems occur, the tests will fail. All four tests must be completed by June 21. ”


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