May 9, 2021


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Boris Johnson’s News Live: Tori donors come forward to cover Nanny’s expenses.

Minister Boris Johnson has denied the allegations.

The leader of the Tori in Choices He seems to have taken the plunge between conservative chargesSlide

In the new public opinion b The observer, Tori With just days to go before this week’s local elections, the lead has dropped from 11 points to five points.

More recently, allegations of “mediation” have led conservatives to demand questionable fees, including fees. Boris JohnsonA.D. Guardian, As well as for the personal trainer.

according to The Sunday Times, An unnamed Tory MP has received a complaint from a supporter that Mr. Johnson has been asked to pay for Wilfred’s one-year-old child care.

The donor told parliament: “I do not regret paying for the leaflets, but I am sorry that I asked the Prime Minister to pay for the literal cleaning of the baby’s bottom.”


Good morning and welcome The IndependentFollowing is a recent post on polling station Tori leading the way in UK politics.

Chantal da Silva2 May 2021 07:48