Bounty Hunter Dog update – New wife Francie supports star in search of Brian Laundrie who explores Florida wilderness


Dog told The Sun: “I think he’s not just Gabby’s killer, but maybe a serial killer. The books he’s read are incredible.”

Dog remembered being a believer in Jesus that he would “get angry” at his children for reading Dungeon and Dragons stories.

The reality TV star claimed: “The few books he’s read are 10 times worse than Dungeon and Dragons. This kid, Brian took those books, obviously to heart.

“This is what happens when your child looks at these kinds of things.

“He didn’t become a murderer just overnight. A murderer is made and he is built to be a murderer.

“He built himself that way by looking at these kinds of things, let’s say dark side things. There are images of demons all over it.”

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