Breakthrough in William Tyrrell case, when police capture a single suspect

“I certainly don’t want to make too many statements because again in these situations you don’t want to compromise a potential outcome.

“Officers are working tirelessly to get to this point where we are looking for land, again using the best technology available.”

NSW Police announced on Monday that they are conducting a new operation. "high density" Search for William's remains near Kendall's home.


The case of the missing boy in a Spider-Man costume has captured the nation’s attention since William’s step-grandmother disappeared from the garden of Kendall’s home on the NSW mid-north coast in 2014.

On Monday, NSW Police announced that they are conducting a new “high-intensity” search near Kendall’s home for William’s remains. 30 SES volunteers assist the police in their search.

Imagery of the search area on Tuesday showed volunteers using chainsaws and other heavy-duty equipment to clear dense undergrowth, including felling large trees.

When asked about reports that police had requested an arrest warrant against a person or persons involved, Police Minister David Elliott was also reluctant to say too much.

“It’s a matter of public record that the police issue AVOs,” he told Seven Network.

“We have to be careful about how we discuss this in public so that smart lawyers don’t use our comments to defuse a conviction.”

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Earlier, she told Nine Network that “it has been a public issue that some people who had a relationship with William are being questioned by the police.”

The name of William’s foster family was never disclosed for legal reasons.

Ten reporters who interviewed foster parents for the 2019 podcast ‘William Tyrrell’s Place’, Lia Harris, said she recently received a subpoena from the coroner’s court for “a very wide range of material”.

“Everything I’ve uncovered in my research for the podcast, audio files, documents, everything, including raw tapes of my extensive interviews with foster families,” he told 2GB on Tuesday.

“To me, that meant they were either taking a new direction or had a new theory they were working on.”

We have yet to receive the findings of the forensic investigation into William’s disappearance, which concluded last year.

The $1 million bounty still stands for information on the case.