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Bret Hart set to join WWE’s The Bump ahead of A&E biography


it’s going to be a busy week for twice WWE hall of fame Bret Hart. The story of The Hitman’s career will be told this Sunday on A&E’s biography featuring WWE veterans and Hall of Famers over the past several weeks. But before that, Hart will be a guest on WWE’s The Bump tomorrow morning.

WWE is celebrating “Tag Team Week” and this week the Tag Team Champions are in action at all of their shows. Bret Hart was one half of the legendary Hart Foundation along with Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, so he definitely deserves to talk about some tag team wrestling on The Bump tomorrow.

Bret Hart’s A&E biography set to air June 6

After seeing what A&E has done with various WWE biographies over the past several weeks, it will be interesting to see what story they decide to tell when it comes to Bret Hart.

Hitman is considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and his career deserves a documentary of its own. From his debut at the Calgary Stampede to his slow burn to stardom in WWE, and his time with WCW where he suffered an unfortunate injury at the end of his career, there are many stories to be told.

So far the only WWE-related biography on A&E that has received overwhelmingly negative feedback was on “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Hopefully, the Bret Hart episode won’t leave the WWE Universe feeling the way they did at the conclusion of Savage’s biography.

Will you head to A&E to watch a biography of Bret Hart this Sunday? What do you think they’ll have to say on The Bump on Wednesday morning? Tell us your thoughts by sounding out in the comments section below.

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