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Brines wants to stop Islanders’ momentum in crucial Game 3 – Boston News, Weather, Sports


After losing overtime to Boston in Game 2, Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy knows the New York Islanders have picked up some momentum, leveling the series with the next two games at home.

“I think there’s a little bit of momentum, you can’t deny that.” Cassidy said, “They would love to go home. … We have to go there, reset. Understand what we did well in the first and third periods (in Game 2) didn’t do well in the second period. … We Will be ready to play there. We have been a good road team. I hope we play well there.”

Islanders coach Barry Trotz believes that momentum necessarily moves from game to game. His philosophy has been to ask his team to only think about what’s in front of them.

“Let’s just focus on the next game, because the pace will change 100 times in a series, period by period, shift by shift,” he said. “It gives you confidence, a lot more confidence, when it’s 1-1.”

Trotz liked the way the Islanders kept their balance after giving up a two-goal lead and winning in overtime. He pointed to a few chances he had earlier on a breakaway by Matthew Berzel and a scoring spot by Anthony Bouvillier to add to the 3-1 lead.

“Those are the things that help you more than just knowing how to score on the breakaway. And then Beauvalier scored and made it 5-1 and it’s not much of a game. Being up 3-1 and then those The experience of dropping two goals, and being able to get my game back and find a way to win that hockey game after all the momentum in that game shifted to Boston, is a better experience for our hockey team.”

The Islanders know that their success hinges on the inclusion of Boston top line Brad Marchand, David Pasternak and Patrice Bergeron. Pasternak took a hat-trick in Game 1 in the Bruins’ 5–2 win and Line combined for six points. In the game the Islanders’ win in Game 2, they were limited to four points on two goals.

“That line is very dynamic and when they are on the ice you have to be aware and you have to work well against them because you know they can hurt you,” Islanders defenseman Ryan Pulak said. “I thought we did a little better against them in Game 2 than in Game 1 and, we have to keep getting better against those guys, because you know that gives us more chances to succeed.”

One of the things the Islanders did better in Game 2 was to be more aggressive against the Bruins’ top line, rather than pushing the puck.

“We ended their time and place a little bit better,” Trotz said. “There was no secret formula in terms of the system or anything, just that we didn’t back them. … They’re still going to get chances, they’re three great players in the line. They’re dangerous because everyone gets out. They’re smart. They’re elusive, they can shoot the puck, and they’re very competitive.”

The Bruins expect to make some adjustments as the series progresses and each team likes to do other things the other likes to do.

“After every game, win or lose, there is an adjustment,” said defenseman Jake Debrusk. “Some things we can change. It’s not necessarily the craziest stuff… there’s more kinds of things to focus on and understand the tendencies of their team and you know how they play, they How to generate offense and how do we need to generate more. Credit to them, they are a very good defensive team so it’s not going to be an easy task. It’s going to be an exciting Game 3. It’s definitely here It’s a big game for the series, so that’s what we’re focusing on.”

The biggest thing for Boston will be to counter the defensive intensity of the Islanders as it did on its comeback in the last game of the third period.

“If they’re going to collapse, we need to get better there and we got better in the third round and made some good plays there,” Cassidy said. “It’s something that would be needed if they packed it like they did the other night, to try to eliminate some of our slot looks. … It’s a cat and mouse game, ahead.” Step backward further.”


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