May 9, 2021


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Britain does not need a home passport for Covid vaccine, SAGE psychologist says

Professor Stephen Reicher said passports would not be required if everyone was issued

Covid vaccines that look green can be approved by the minister that the release of the jab should fail, a government scientist has warned today.

Professor Stephen Reicher, a well-known expert on residential teams SAGE, says that forcing people to apply for jab certificates to enjoy their rights only makes sense if less people are not taken away.

But the vaccine has already exceeded government expectations, with 90% of the more than 50 people accepting the invitation. The most successful production has already moved more than 40-seasons before.

An expert at St Andrew’s University University told the audience of the All Party Parliamentary Group that corona virus today that the Government will be ‘defending failure’ if it could go to the hospital.

He told members of Parliament: ‘It would be an admission that we are not getting enough people to be vaccinated.’

‘Wisely, you do not need a vaccine passport if everyone has been vaccinated. You will need a vaccine passport unless there is a limited number of registrations. ‘

Professor Reicher warned that a highly regulated jab regime could disrupt the vaccination program and cause many people to reject the jab.

He also said voluntary jabs parties should be approved by the other representative and create anger and resentment among the people.

Professor Reicher warns that coercion will lead many to reject the idea of ​​protest.

‘There’s a very well-known mechanism called reactance: that if you can get people to be independent.

‘If you force them to do something, they will be able to regain their independence, even if it means that they will not do the things they want them to do.

‘Making a compulsion, or doing something that leaves a compelling impression, can interfere with what people can and may do.’

Boris Johnson promised that the only vaccination program would be the national ticket to freedom and insisted that the Government be committed to avoiding coercive measures.

Covid vaccine passports have already been confirmed for foreign travel to resume on May 17 but how they will be sent home is unknown.

The Prime Minister has refused to use them when going to a supermarket or supermarket but in the meantime the government is trying a similar approach to major events such as concerts, sports games and nightclubs.

Under the system, people are allowed as long as they can prove a certain type of Covid protection – either by a recent negative test, evidence of pre-existing recovery from the virus or evidence of a vaccine.


Counselors, businesses and restaurants are calling for the closure to end soon after the death of one Covid yesterday.

Although ‘Professor Lockdown’ hopes the vaccine will destroy the UK’s third class coronavirus and life in Britain will ‘feel better by the summer’.

Neil Ferguson, a consultant for SAGE and Imperial College in London who have contracted a contagious disease that caused Britain to collapse last year, said today that he hopes the vaccine will be released to help keep the UK afloat.

His comments will be echoed by Tory councilors who want England’s smartest way to move faster. The Prime Minister has so far refused to be shaken despite calls for more freedom, a ban that will remain in place until June 21 – a day of independence for England.

Sir Robert Syms, MP for Tory of Poole in Dorset, yesterday said: ‘We must pressure the Government to continue. A normal life can be restored ‘. He also said that the country will ‘lose another summer’ if the rules do not set in the near future.

Desperate business owners have called on the cabinet to move immediately, with some restaurant officials saying reservations have been canceled due to the ‘bad weather’. Host officials said it was important for trade to return “unlimited” on June 21.

The next break takes place within two weeks on Monday, May 17, when people will be allowed to meet in large outdoor groups and small groups indoors. Outer holidays are also being planned for immediate delivery.

More than 34million Britons have now received one Covid vaccine, according to the latest NHS figures, and 15.6m has been completely disrupted.

The vaccine is widely distributed throughout the country, but there are concerns about the jab in the BAME communities, linked to past inequalities, and among young people, who feel they are at risk of contracting the virus.

Professor Reicher added: ‘The current evidence for skepticism and skepticism about the vaccine, the idea is that this could lead to fewer cases.

‘In order to open our organization, the key is to increase the interest of the community.

‘But if a special immunization passport makes people uncomfortable and negligent in using it it becomes useless, and undermines our ability to protect people and prevents re-opening of the population.’

He added: ‘If the idea that a vaccination certificate reduces the number of people who want to be vaccinated still holds, the passport becomes useless.’

During the committee session, he also warned that the UK would not be able to ignore it if it reopened its borders on travel.

Professor Reicher said there were 6m cases worldwide last week, as many as the first five months of last year.

Britain made up the smallest segment of the latest figures, recording 14,000 cases last week. There were more than 100,000 on the coldest day of January.

‘We were dissatisfied when we saw it in China, when we saw it in Italy, and then it came here – so we can’t afford not to worry,’ he added.

‘We should not be mistaken as some people are elsewhere, where there is a lot of vaccination in countries like Chile.

‘Let us not forget that two months ago the Prime Minister of India used to say that “we are at the top of the epidemic”.

‘If you are satisfied, it can come back and bite you.’

Boris Johnson also hopes to allow foreign holidays within two weeks, revealing a ‘traffic light’ approach to which countries can travel without isolation.

But the Prime Minister warned that it would be “wise” to avoid contracting the virus – indicating that the government could be more confident in the holiday season.

Reports indicate that at least a dozen European countries should be on the ‘green’ list of things to be avoided on their return.

This comes after Professor Neil Ferguson said that outbreaks in areas like France and Italy are not at risk because they have a similar disease in the UK.

There were 6million Covid cases worldwide last week, compared to 6million in the first five months of the epidemic

There were 6million Covid cases worldwide last week, compared to 6million in the first five months of the epidemic

Boris Johnson is also expected to allow summer vacations on May 17, but reports suggest he has lifted special requirements in a number of countries.

Boris Johnson is also expected to allow summer vacations on May 17, but reports suggest he has lifted special requirements in a number of countries.

For the first time, the Prime Minister has confirmed that the

For the first time, the Prime Minister has confirmed that the “` opportunities ” of international travel will begin on May 17. An announcement will be made this weekend.

Professor Ferguson, who disrupted the first prime minister and predicted his death, said the UK could reopen its borders with countries with similar HIV status because they would not be at greater risk.

‘I think if, for example, because of summer infections in France and Italy are the same as they are here, then there is no risk of going abroad,’ he said.

‘The risks come as a result of moving out of the UK, where there are very few people, and returning to areas where there is a high prevalence of the virus, thus having a higher risk of recurrence.

‘If the two regions are similar, and that is what the EU says, then there is no risk associated with travel.’