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British spies “help US find out about Wuhan lab leak”


BRIT spies are reportedly helping the United States uncover the truth about the virus laboratory leak theory, as China is working on a 96 percent similar disease to Covid.

This comes after Joe Biden ordered authorities to “redouble” their efforts to uncover the source. Corona virus Following the claims of scientists that it was made by humans.

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Scientist at the Wuhan Institute of Virology – Bomb Theory Center LaboratoryCredits: AFP
Chinese scientists find 96% virus similar to Covid-19 in horseshoe anal


Chinese scientists find 96% virus similar to Covid-19 in horseshoe batCredibility: Universal

British intelligence chiefs have also investigated the root of the epidemic, despite China’s denial of laboratory allegations.

A senior White Hall source said Telegraph British officials are working on a new US investigation into the killer outbreak.

“We help with the information we have about Wuhan, and we also help Americans verify and analyze the information we can help them with,” they said.

“What is needed to prove the truth about the outbreak of the coronavirus is information from sources rather than informed analysis that is difficult to obtain.”

The Theory Center Laboratory – Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) – is the only center in China that deals with bat viruses.

Studies show that one of the viruses collected by laboratory scientists from a mine is the 96.2% SARS-CoV-2 compliance that causes Covid-19.

The virus originated from the horseshoe bat Daily email.

The four teams reportedly collected samples in the cave after the miners who worked there fell ill.

What do we know about the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

Wuhan Institute of Virology is the highest security laboratory of its kind in all of China – and it can be found at the heart of the epidemic.

Various theories have been reported about the laboratory, led by scientist Dr. Xi Zhangli, known as the “Bat Woman”.

The lab specializes in bat-borne viruses and has been experimenting with them since 2015.

Air locks, full body clothing and chemical showers are required before entering and exiting the facility – the first in China with a valid Bio-safety level 4 (BSL-4).

BSL-4 laboratories are the only areas in the world where scientists are allowed to study diseases for which there is no cure.

Scientists from the lab even tested a mysterious virus that killed three miners in 1,000 miles in Yunnan province in 2012.

It has been suggested that these deadly forms may be the real source of Covid-19.

According to the magazine, the experts of this laboratory have also produced a new type of “super virus” combination that can infect humans in 2015. Nature medicine

This study was designed to demonstrate the risk of human-borne viruses transmitted by bats.

There is no suggestion that the facility’s work in 2015 was linked to an epidemic, and the center denies laboratory leak claims.

Just seven days before the outbreak, the lab hired new scientists to explore the corona virus in bats.

Chinese scientists have reportedly found nine viruses in the mine that have been sent to the WIV.

Both Britain and the United States have criticized the World Health Organization for rejecting the theory of laboratory leakage.

It has since been alleged that Beijing kept data and samples from WHO researchers during a visit to Wuhan in January.

This month, 18 of the world’s top scientists wrote a letter published in the Journal of Science calling for an independent investigation into the leak allegations.

This week it turned out that Three employees of Wuhan Laboratory became ill Weeks of hospital care were needed weeks before China announced the virus to the world.

The Wall Street Journal, citing a U.S. intelligence report, said the case has revealed new details about the number of researchers.

Miners working in bat caves reportedly fell ill


Miners working in bat caves reportedly fell illCredits: EcoHealth Alliance

It also shows the time of their illness and their visit to the hospital in November 2019, when China officially diagnosed the outbreak.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fawcey He recently admitted that he was “unconvinced” that Quid had developed naturally.

“There are still a lot of clouds around the roots of Covid-19, so I wanted to ask, are you still sure that development is natural?” Found? “

“No, in fact I’m not convinced,” said the top US infectious disease specialist.

“I think we should continue to investigate what has happened in China until we can do what we can to find out what happened.”

More than 3.51 million people worldwide have died from Covid-19 – one of the deadliest pandemics in history.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology is suspected of being the source of the leak


The Wuhan Institute of Virology is suspected of being the source of the leakCredits: AFP
Almost no evidence of virus from “natural” source, says US official in WuhanQuid Laboratory

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