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Bros x Pilot x JFC: Beer and Bagel Matching


mama bros tells Peter Ranscombe To fill their holes as they pair bagels with beer.

For some, he is a social media star whose absurd videos light up the lockdown.

To others, she is a visionary bringing together like-minded businesses in Edinburgh.

To me, he’s the creator of some really delicious bagels.

lara bross launch bros bagels in 2017 and has grown its chain to include five stores in Edinburgh, including its new bakery in Portobello.

Soon, when a branch opens in the new St. James Quarter this summer, it will be adding a sixth outlet to its empire.

Bross combines bagels made in the style of his native Montreal with a filling inspired by his time in New York.

It’s a winning combination—but this “hole” got a lot better after Portobello Bakery was granted a license to serve alcohol.

She is preparing to set up a white marble bar in the former bank building on Portie’s High Street, from where she will serve a variety of canned drinks.

Stocking cans from the bakery pilot beer Roadside in Leith, as well as wine, rum, and gin, everything in cans.

Coming soon is “The Bloody Bros,” the series’ take on the classic Bloody Mary cocktail.

As well as supporting local beverage brands, Portie’s Bakery has begun hosting a series of pop-up events, with chefs working in the kitchen to serve their take on Bross’s bagels.

First was Chef James Murray, the former head of Edinburgh Food Studios, who founded Jimmy’s Fried Chicken (JFC) after the studio closed at the start of the pandemic.

After a series of successful weekend pop-ups – which saw 100-deep long queues across the street – Murray plans to collaborate with Bross as he prepares to launch a new project in September and a restaurant next year. is.

Beer and Bagels

Meanwhile, Murray joined us yesterday for a spot in Milan’s Beer and Bagel, a minced chicken burger made from belly and other dark meat of a bird coated in panko breadcrumbs.

This was probably the most juicy chicken burger I’ve ever tried and tasted with black pepper, sage, and other herbs.

Murray explained that his use of dark meats brings juiciness, symbolizing his ethos of using the whole animal in his cooking.

Sam from Pilot Beer was on hand with the brewery’s excellent N India Pale Ale (6%) To pair with a JFC bagel.

The body of an IPA—with its lemon, mandarin, and yeasty notes—was the ideal foil for the juicy chicken.

Not to be outdone, Bross Bakery also serves its own range of hot dogs and pizza bagels.

Pairing Pastrami Pizza Bagel with New Leith Lager (4.1%) – which has a different print of Leith Horizon on each can – was a revelation

The freshness of the lager cuts through the thickness of the pastrami and the pulp of the cheese.

Tasting it again on its own afterward, the body of the lager has a real roundness to balance out its lemon zest and mandarin flavors—not quite Hellas StyleBut getting closer.

One of Pilot’s most popular beers since the reopening of hospitality has been its Peach Melba Sour (4.3%), which Sam described as a “gateway sour” for drinkers new to the category.

Sour isn’t the first style I’ll reach for, but its freshness makes it a perfect beer-and-food matching candidate and the pilot’s version might win me over—it had the freshness of the cheese cutting through on marinara pizza with bagels, peaches, With a nice balance between raspberry, and mild vanilla flavors.

Although we didn’t put it through its paces yesterday, it’s also worth a look at the pilot Vienna Palace, which was in fine form on draft when it reopened last month Holyrood Distillery Courtyard Bar, where it had the freshness to stand in for the delicious burgers and fries being served by catering organization Hickory.

Don’t take my word for it though – try your own beers and bagels at Bros in Portobello or soon in the St. James Quarter.

Read more of Peter Ranscomb’s beer, wine, and whiskey reviews on his drinks blog, Grapes and Grains

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