May 9, 2021


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Bulldogs have to live up to the standard of older men

Canterbury coach Trent Barrett asked his team to handle the big men in defense better after losing the regional battle in a 32-10 loss to Parramatta.

Trent Barrett pleaded with Canterbury to better deal with the big men in defense after they were clearly stinging in the loss to Parramatta.

The Bulldog was tied up in the provincial battle Saturday night, and forced to wait until the 54th minute to play the ball within the 20-meter-high Parramatta area.

Only 34 percent of the ball was played in the Eels half, with the Bulldogs falling 16-0 early and a short second-half battle ending with a 32-10 loss.

And although it was clear that Barrett’s men had taken steps forward from the side that had been flogged for three consecutive weeks between the second and fourth rounds, he admitted that there was still a gap in the separation between them and the best ..
“That was very noticeable tonight,” Barrett said, “We just have to keep working hard, and that won’t change.”

“It was from the back of our defense. They rolled us around the field quite easily.

“The difference in where we were taking the ball off our streak in half as we were turning the ball for them was the chalk and the cheese.

“In the end, you get hurt because of it. But the people just didn’t cope well enough.”

It is no secret that Barrett still has a business in the bulldog heart.

Saturday’s loss was the second year in a row he dropped to 1-7, while he won only two of his eight opening matches in 2018 and 2019.

While attack has been their biggest problem in recent years, they are still conceding more than 30 points per game this year to sit last.

“Defense is an attitude,” Barrett said.

“ Physically you look at the two teams (Canterbury and Parramatta) next to each other, we’re giving very little.

“They are a big team, they are in two or three teams for a reason.

“We did not deal with them.”