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Burning Ship MV X-Ppress Pearl, despite chemicals may cause acid rain in Sri Lanka: Report


In addition to the 325 tonnes of fuel, the MV X-Press Pearl contained approximately 1,448 containers of hazardous nitric acid.


A senior Sri Lankan environmental official has warned that there may be some acid rain due to the release of nitrogen dioxide from a Singapore-flagged cargo ship that caught fire off the coast of Colombo last week. Be vigilant if the weather is favorable.

The cargo ship – MV ‘X-PRESS PEARL’ – was carrying a shipment of chemicals and cosmetics raw materials from Hazira in Gujarat to the port of Colombo. It caught fire 9.5 nautical miles off the coast of Colombo, where it was contained outside the port of Colombo on May 20.

Apart from the 325 tonnes of fuel in its tanks, the MV X-Press Pearl was loaded with 1,486 containers carrying about 25 tonnes of dangerous nitric acid.

Darshani Lahandapura, Head of the Marine Environmental Protection Agency (MEPA): “We have observed that the amount of nitrogen dioxide emissions from the MV X-PRESS PearL is very high. With the release of nitrogen dioxide gas during the rainy season, little acid rain may occur. “), Quoted by newsfirst.lk news website on Friday.

In particular, people near the coastline should be vigilant and make sure you do not expose yourself to rain these days, the official said.

MEPA said the fire has been largely brought under control and authorities are taking all appropriate measures to clear the shoreline as soon as possible to prevent contamination risks from the cargo ship fire.

The density of flames is decreasing. The two tugboats are still engaged in firefighting missions and border calls. According to Lahandapura, in this report, Indian Coast Guard ships and Sri Lankan Port Authority and Sri Lankan Navy tugboats are monitoring the situation.

Lahandapura said they are closely monitoring the situation and there are no signs of oil spills.

India on Tuesday sent ICG Vaibhav, ICG Dornier and Tug Water Lilly to help the Sri Lankan navy extinguish a container fire.

The Colombo Gazette reported on Friday that the submarine Sandudra Prahari arrived in India on Saturday in a special response to pollution to bolster its pollution control efforts.

Reportedly, the Indian High Commission here, updating the joint firefighting efforts, stated that at present, heavy smoke is observed and is being countered only near the settlement / superstructure area at the rear of the ship.

Overall, the MV X-Press Pearl is currently rated as stable and has no problems with waterproof integrity.

External firefighting is carried out using seawater and border cooling by seawater along the entire length of the vessel from both sides, and continuous monitoring is carried out on the draft ship, list conditions and the presence of hazardous and harmful substances in the sea.

According to the Indian mission, “the amount of combustible material inside the aircraft is limited. ICG ships will continue to assess the situation and make the decision to board or approach the ship after the fire has been completely extinguished and sufficient cooling has been provided.” Be. ” .

According to the report, the High Commission said the containers that fell from the ship had been identified and a threat to navigation safety had already been assessed and shared with the relevant Sri Lankan authorities.

Meanwhile, Navy Commander Nishanta Olugten said on Friday that there was no threat of the ship splitting in two and that the ship was now largely stable.

All 25 crew members – of Indian, Chinese, Filipino and Russian nationality – were rescued on Tuesday after sending a “fire alarm”.

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