Bus station could return to Grimsby city center

The council did not reject the return of a bus stop to Grimsby city centre.

Council members were told that numerous avenues for improvement were being explored. bus services around North East Lincolnshire.

The Riverhead Exchange super stop closed in 2019, five years after it opened due to lack of use.

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One councilor said what is currently available in the city center is “not enough”.

Labor Council Member Tim Mickleburgh brought the issue of the return of a bus station to a meeting. North East Lincolnshire Council Tourism and Visitor Economics Review Panel.

“I hear rumors that a bus station is coming back, and locals always ask me if we can see it again,” he said.

“There are many people who rely on buses, myself included.

Freshney Place bus terminal was replaced by a renovation around 2013

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“The system is not adequate at the moment. There are no waiting areas or information points at the current centre.”

A municipal official replied: “Officers are looking at all the opportunities in the transport plan, such as making greener trips and improving transport accessibility.

“[A bus station] part of it.”

Over the next year, the municipality will implement a Bus Improvement Plan aimed at making sustainable bus travel more attractive.

A bus terminal was first established in the Riverhead area in 1990.

Riverhead Exchange closed a few years ago for lack of use

However, this was replaced in 2013 by a £6m renovation of the city centre, with stops and shelters built in the surrounding streets instead.

Originally it was accompanied by the Riverhead Exchange covered waiting area where passengers could enjoy a cup of tea.

The municipality decided not to renew the lease agreement in 2019 due to lack of use.

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A spokesperson said at the time: “When we first leased the building, it was hoped that the Exchange would be widely used by the general public who waited for buses and took advantage of its facilities.

“Unfortunately, this was not the case when compared to other properties in our area, we reluctantly made the decision not to renew the lease due to financial constraints and the need to prioritize where our money is spent. end of contract.

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