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California Senate passes bill to decriminalize psychedelic drugs


Sacramento, Calif. (KTXL) — A bill to decriminalize the possession or sharing of psychedelic drugs in California has been passed by the state Senate and will head to the Assembly.

Senate Bill 519 Introduced by Sen. Scott Weiner.

Weiner expressed in a video posted on Twitter on Tuesday, “This is a call to action for this law and for our movement to end the war on drugs and take a more health and science-based approach and move away from criminalizing drugs.” It’s a big step.”

“People can have whatever opinion they want about drugs, but the question is ‘Should we arrest and jail people for possessing and using drugs? And I think the answer is absolutely no,” Wiener told FOX40 in April.

“Psychedelic drugs have significant benefits for both mental health and addiction treatment,” he previously told FOX40.

If passed, SB 519 would approve the use of mushrooms, MDMA, LSD, mescaline and ibogaine for war veterans with PTSD and people with diagnosed or unknown addictions and mental illnesses.

Weiner said, however, that his main concern is ending the war on drugs.

The president of the International Faith-Based Coalition and the Congress of Racial Equality had previously expressed concern about the bill being written off as an amusing bill for medical purposes.

“You’re saying it’s for therapeutic purposes, and the way the bill is written, it’s written more as a recreational bill,” Tak Allen said. “I also had major concerns within my coalition that ketamine is another known date rape drug, and that it is on the list of drugs they want to legalize.”

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