Home Entertainment Californians to open Memorial Day weekend attraction as Travel Surgeons – Deadline

Californians to open Memorial Day weekend attraction as Travel Surgeons – Deadline


To illustrate Elton John, “The beach is back.”

The traditional theological start of the summer season comes this Memorial Day weekend, and while the expected weather is partly cloudy and relatively calm in the mid-mid-1990s, the beaches are mostly open, as are many attractions across the country.

But there are still some concerns in Southern California that could limit reopening completely until mid-June.

“The disease has not gone away,” Governor Gavin News said Thursday. “This is not a Memorial Day weekend.”

The full, official reopening of Southern California beaches will not take place until June 15. Even when they reopen, there are New guidelines On behavior

The counties of Los Angeles, Orange and Santa Clara are on the yellow level, allowing most businesses to operate indoors to monitor social distance and other restrictions.

For private gatherings, the state has lifted most restrictions, although it warns that outdoor gatherings are preferred.

More than 337 million people are expected to travel 50 or more miles from home between May 2 and May 31, according to the AAA Automobile Owners Group. That’s 60 percent more than the 23 million people who traveled 23 years at the worst time of the epidemic yesterday.

AAA Senior Vice President Paula Tovidal said in a statement, “Americans are expressing a strong desire to travel on this Memorial Day.” “This immediate demand will significantly increase Memorial Day travel, which is a strong indicator for summer.”

The caveat in all of these cases is that the average gas price is now 3. 3.03 per gallon, the highest mark in seven years.

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