May 6, 2021


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Cam Nuri Downs is former United States champion Marine Cilic in two groups

unclassified Cameron Nori defeated 2014 US Open champion, Marine Cilic, in straight sets, 7-6 (7/5), 7-5, to move to his second ATP Tour Final in Portugal. The Briton is not 25 years old. 2 he is seeking his first professional title, having finished second at Auckland International in 2019.

The semi-final match, which lasted less than two hours, exemplified why Marin Cilic had only won one Grand Slam tournament of his career. The 32-year-old is a talented player with big weapons but is mentally weak and breaks down under pressure. The 6-foot-6-inch Croatian has a great transmission, but it always let him down deeply at critical moments. This was illustrated aptly in the first set as he sent 10 aces, but when it was really important – at a specific point in the tiebreak, in his serving – he made a double foul, gifting Nuri to the first set.

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Likewise in the second set, after enduring intense pressure at first with some timely aces, he finally succumbed, once again to serving, with the rest of his game disintegrating behind her, to hand the match over to the world number 50 in straight sets.

On the other hand, Cameron Norrie He remained strong in decisive moments, saving 5 of the 6 breakpoints he encountered, as well as overcoming a time violation caused by frequent throw-checks as he struggled to cope with the tough coastal winds.

Nori left a slow start against former world No. 3, seeded 6, here, as he was broken in his first serving match, but soon got back the break due to a double foul from Cilic. The same pattern repeated in the tiebreak when Cilic climbed to a small break after a double foul by Nuri, but again, Nuri struggled to get back on track, playing with an excellent back angle and pulling his opponent away, a shot that he used admirably. Effect throughout the game. Then the tiebreak moved with his service until Cilic mistook him for a double to land with a group.

Nuri, who had trouble throwing his ball throughout the match, due to the gushing breeze, made a double foul in the third half of the second set, causing him to falter. However, the aborted ball toss again led to Cilic’s mild yelling, “Oh, come on!” In frustration, his preparations to turn back on were disabled.

Referee Carlos Ramos intervened and stopped Nuri on time as it took too long between the first and second serve. Nuri climbed into the chair and argued that he was allowed to take the required time between serve, but the referee emphasized that it had to be done at the right time. Nuri inevitably made a double foul to give Cilic the chance to break a point.

This was a defining moment in the match, and Nuri could easily crack and give the lead to his opponent, but he dug deep and remained aggressive. A good first serve and excellent depth with a backhand in the rally gave him an equalizer. This was followed by a cross with another angle at an angle that opened the field for an easy win, and he maintained his positive stance on the rally at the next point to complete his adherence bravely and lead 2-1.

Nuri conjured up his own stopping point in the next match, but Cilic saved it with a header. Although Nuri continued to put pressure on Cilic, who remained visibly angry over Nori’s throwing issues, he made three non-coercive fouls out of frustration to find himself slipping 15-40. He saved the first with a header, and followed it up with a good serve and a winning combination with a forehand, to make it a tie. A couple more tied later, another non-compulsory foul gave Nuri a third break point. A clever serving at 198 km / h made it the fourth game, and Cilic finally saved the longest match of the match for another brand.

Ping-pong continued with Nuri’s turn later to try to save two break points against him in the next service match. A wrong hit came from Cilic’s racket frame and a backhand shot diagonally from the corner of the field to save him, and he, too, caught up with a powerful 4-3 kick.

It looked like the match might be headed for another tiebreaker, but with Cilic serving in second, he is likely to hold the ground twice to achieve it. The first time, at 4-5 o’clock, carry comfortably. Nuri then kept his own serve to 30, putting the pressure on Cilic again. At the opening point, the second service was followed up with a non-coercive foul with a forehand stroke, but he made up for it at the next point with a first serve and a cross with a forehand to make the score 15-15.

Repeat the pattern: the bad – double wrong, followed by the good – the ace. 30-30. But then the first serve was nullified due to a very bad forward foul in the net from a good position, and it was the match point for Nuri. If Cilic ever needed the first serve, it was now, but the transmission is expected to let him down. Nuri took advantage of an agonizingly slow 127 km / h transmission as he fired a forehand blow on the line to seal the victory. It was a break, and a match, for Nuri, 7-6 (7/5), 7-5, who also apologized to ilic on the net for his problems throwing the ball.

Nuri has so far won 18 matches in the round this season, putting him third on the season’s winners list, with Monte Carlo Masters Stefanos Tsitsipas and runner-up Andrei Rublev, leading with 26 wins. Nuri is also looking to achieve a double title at Estoril, after he won the doubles final with fellow British teammate Kyle Edmund in 2018.

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Nuri will play 7The tenth seed, Albert Ramos Vinolas, Another left-wing player, in Sunday’s final. The clay specialist defeated his Spaniard teammate and La. 8 seed Alejandro Davidovic Fukina in straight sets 6-1, 6-4. The 33-year-old, who was playing with his 21-year-old compatriot for the first time, gave up his game of serving twice in both sets, before recovering to win.

Davidovic Fukina, Wimbledon junior champion in 2017, is the big hitter who can generate power from both wings but quit his game today. He made a series of easy mistakes as he tried and failed to smash winners on nearly every point against his most impatient opponent, easily losing the first set 6-1, in less than half an hour.

Although he returned briefly in the second set and broke Ramos-Vinolas in the fourth game with a more patient approach, constant mistakes, especially on the forehand and poor choice of shot, cost him a serving in the seventh game. Other faults in the forehands awarded two more break points for the elder Spaniard, who took full advantage of a poor service and a 5-4 break high. Davidovic Fukina raged against his racket in anger, punching him on the ground and breaking it, which inevitably resulted in him breaking the law.

Ramos Vinolas sent the ball easily to win 6-1, 6-4 in an hour and 16 minutes, to reach the 10th ownerThe tenth Final of his career, and he hopes to win his third title on Sunday. It is currently ranked No. 46, but turned 17 in 2017, aided by his final Masters 1000 appearances in Monte Carlo, beating the world back then. 1 Andy Murray at 3Research and development The round after it was 0-4 down in the deciding set.

Ramos Vinolas Nouri leads 2-0 head-to-head, both on clay, so the favorite will likely start, although Nuri is the star player who will reach the final. This adorable South Booth duel can turn out to be a close match.