May 7, 2021


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Cambridgejeshire Property: More than 1 million Tudor houses are on the market in the magnificent St. Neos Part II.

With its spacious gardens and stunning rooms that combine classic with modern, this is definitely its property

It is not surprising that a seven-bed detached house on approximately 1.25 hectares of land in the backyard can be purchased at a very high price.

The property, dubbed “Tudor” by St Neots on Zoplap last month at Napole’s website, is on the market for ሚሊዮን 1.5 million.

The property has a front door, private gardens, seven luxury bedrooms, three bathrooms, a stunningly furnished kitchen, lots of seating, and a number of buildings.

The house is Class II, rated similarly to Liverpool Liverpool’s Adelfi Hotel and High Street Studios in London.

Concerning Zopo, the current owners said: I say we bought a house in Tudor in 2014 and were initially evicted.

“Once you enter the gates and are surrounded by a beautiful garden, you enter a magical world that you do not know unless you know it well.

The house itself is steeped in history and has many unique contemporary features from different eras.

We think that the first part of the house was built in the 16th century, but some of the stone carvings in Sela are thought to be very old, and the Ren Mener was attached to the church in Einstein. It dates back to the 12th century. ”

This is certainly the property in the spacious gardens and impressive rooms that combine classic with modern.

It is well located, within walking distance of the city and about a mile from the St. Nits train station.

If you have more than a million on the move, it could be yours.

We look inward below.