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Can Kamala Harris Start the Fight for Democrats’ Voting Rights?


With Republican attacks on voting rights mounting, and the window for the Democrats to fight back ending, it appears the White House is taking a more active role in the effort to protect and expand the suffrage – a high-stakes battle with major implications for democracy and the Democrats’ electoral prospects. Speaking in Tulsa on Tuesday on the hundredth anniversary of racist genocide who destroyed the city’s thriving Black Wall Street, President Joe Biden swore off To “fight with every tool at my disposal” to leave behind GOP measures that take back voting rights—and tapped the vice president Kamala Harris To monitor the efforts of the administration.

“We are going to intensify our efforts to recover,” Biden said on Tuesday. “June should be the month of action on Capitol Hill.”

Describing the voting restrictions says: Georgia and Florida have passed and by efforts Donald Trump To reverse his loss as a “truly unprecedented attack on our democracy,” Biden renewed his call for lawmakers to pass the For the People Act and reauthorize the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, Which adds to the current struggle against voting restrictions that could adversely affect the minority. To communities for serious injustices such as the Tulsa attack of 1921. The “sacred right” to vote, Biden said, “is being attacked with incredible intensity like I have never seen before.”

The remarks were perhaps Biden’s loudest on the matter, and the administration’s greater public involvement on the voting rights issue is certainly welcome, given that Democrats tried to counter Republican broadsides.

But whether, well, Biden and Harris will be able to get either of the Democratic-backed voting rights bills to the finish line is not quite clear. in harris Statement She said she would “engage the American people and … work with voting rights organizations, community organizations and the private sector to help strengthen and uplift efforts on voting rights nationwide.” “We will also,” she continued, “work with members of Congress to help move these bills.”

“This is the work of democracy,” Harris said.

It will be a difficult task though. While Democrats are largely aligned on voting rights, the bill stands little or no chance in the Senate as long as Republicans have a filibuster in their pocket—and Kirsten Cinema and Joe Munchkin There is a strong opposition to the termination of the process. Biden took a peek at the pair in his speech on Tuesday, but still said: “I hear everyone on TV saying, ‘Why doesn’t Biden do this? They said. “Well, because Biden effectively has a majority of four votes in the House and a tie in the Senate, the two members of the Senate who vote more with my Republican friends.”

There is one hope that Harris’s outreach and Biden’s use of the bully pulpit could help break the current impasse, combined with particularly mounting pressure Munchkin is facing from voting rights advocates and fellow Democrats. Civil rights leader Rev. William J. Barber II, who attended Biden’s speech in Tulsa, Told Washington Post. But unlike cinema, which supports the For the People Act, Munchkin is not only against touching filibuster, but has misgivings about the broader law—and may require significant concessions to convince him to drop his objections. can. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer All this is expected to be brought to a head soon with a promise to take voting rights to the stage for debate later this month. “So far, we haven’t seen a glimpse of [the For the People Act], “Shumeru said Last week. “If not, everything is on the table.” The Biden administration throwing its weight behind the effort can help. The question for now is, will this be enough?

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