‘Canada’s Drag Race’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 4

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Big mistake, Canada Drag Race. Enormous. When Océane was Aqua-Black eliminated in the second week, I crucified it to a classic case of a lovely queen who has a bad week and is going home too soon. It happens. Last week, The elimination of Stephanie Prince feels untimely – she was one of the funniest queens in space, a deadly mix of peppy and bitchy – though Synthia tore this lip sync fair and square. But (spoiler alert) Suki Doll’s elimination at the end of this week is the sort of thing Drag Race Manufacturers usually use rigga morris zu at all costs. Suki Doll is both an impressive drag artist and a super reality TV character; every word from her huge mouth was iconic and quoted. In a season where the actual challenges and the track were not exciting (except for an exemplary rusical), the main thing that drives this show week after week was the personality of the participants. And now some of the most interesting to watch are gone. * Search in French Canadian. *

This season, the eliminated queens must think they are all Alice Munro, because they have all written very short stories on that mirror. They waste precious lipstick! Do they not know that we are in a supply chain crisis? After Stephanie has washed away his words, Synthia wonders if she needs a lawyer after throwing that mace over the stage and almost beating poor Steph during her lip-syncing. She is not excused, however. “I’m an Aries. I’m going after my goals,” says our beautiful blonde-mulleted queen.

Here’s a new maxi challenge idea for producers: It’s called “prompt queens to come up with new segues that are not” It’s a new day in the workspace “” Challenge. It’s really a new day in the workspace, though, and the library is actually open. While these queens have exceeded the maximum number of words with their elimination lipstick messages, I am not confident that any of them are literary in the sense of reading challenge. The edit shows only one joke for most Queens Day, presumably the best they had to offer. The best of the bunch is probably Adriana saying, “Gia, or should I say, Gigi Not As Goode.” Specificity! Suki tells Kimora that she swapped her for a toilet seat because of all her bullshit, and Synthia roasted Brooke’s filler and continued to jump on her Lou all over the room like the absolute British Columbia Temperature Rainforest Woodland Sprite she is. Icesis Couture wins, even though I can not remember what one of her jokes was, and Brooke informs the girl that they will compete in the Squid Game … sorry, Snatch Games. I got the air of death and despair in the two confused.

As the queens prepare, Kendall tells a producer that “this competition was so flippy-floppy,” and that’s not true. She notes that one of the reasons why Snatch Game is so important is that when a performance is iconic, it tends to be associated with a Queen Drag persona for years. Vivienne is still eating Trump. Brooke Lynn makes her walkthrough, and most Queens Day are confident about what they want to do. Iceisis makes La Veneno pay homage to her Trans Drag mom; Synthia will play Judge Brad Goreski’s past career by playing Rachel Zoe. Eva 6000 does not know if she wants to impress her visiting and real Jennifer Coolidge or try Bernie Sanders, but her Bernie makes the brooch laugh, and she sits down. Brooke tells the girls that their extra special guest will be Connor Jessup. They all make terrible impressions … knowing who that is.

Snatch game begins, and there is a surprise special guest on the panel: Bomanizer! By TikTok! As a surprisingly handsome queer Canadian who found his niche to make fun of Reality TV, He was a total naturalist on current reality TV. At the rate of this Drag Race Iteration churns through regularly, we could see him as a judge this time next year. In an earlier review, I said that Pythia really reminds me of Crystal Methyd (this is a very, very good thing), and her choice to make a loud, creepy-robotic grime felt like an improvement on Crystal, which make a high-pitch. glued, creepy-robot Poppy. Pythia nailed Grimes’ lisp, came up with jokes (“I created an external disk drive. I raised it as non-binary computer code,”) and made Montreal proud. Icesis does a really solid job as a horned-up Veneno, but it’s Synthia who dominates the whole affair with her Rachel Zoe. The Queen has the kind of confidence that comes with the gorgeous Mat just enough comedy chops to support it. Playing Goreski’s former boss could go either way, but it turns into a game where Synthia wraps the judges around her fingers. I see flashes of lemon in this sympathetic queen.

Gia Metric is considered by the judges to be “safe”, so we do not hear her opinions on the really wackadoo work she did as a very draggy Jim Carrey. Gia’s Carrey runs around the stage, pulling rubber faces, and straight up eating paper for much of the snatch game. High octane impressions like this can quickly transform into “off the rails” territory on Snatch Game, but Gia finds a really fun and surprising balance, and I want to give it a go here.

At the other end of the snatch: Kendall Gender’s Kris Jenner is weak, Kimora’s Leslie Jones is overtaken by faster performers, Eva forgets to be funny, Adriana’s Sofia Vergara has a bad contouring (and repetitive boob jokes) , and Suki Doll’s Yoko Ono is a fat choice with low pay. Back in the workspace, Eva is really disappointed in herself, while Suki takes a more “buck up, soldier” attitude and stands by her decisions.

On the piste, the queens must get a look inspired by a Canadian icon of their choice. There is a fun variety of looks here, with only two queens repeating a figure. Suki Doll goes to Arthouse, takes her artistic and drawn-up take on Sandra Oh Double luck (that trench coat!), while Icesis stomps out and poodles hair in a mint-green World War II era nurse costume. Imagine my shock when she says it’s a tribute to Sandra Oh, my hometown, with her iconic role as Grey’s Anatomy. This is worse than RuPaul saying Ben Platt was phenomenal in the Dear Evan Hansen in the role of “love.” Icesis then says she is a “nurse”, and corrects herself to “doctor”, and ultimately just “fashion”. Respect for Christina Yang. Restless. Other standouts include Kimora Amour as Deborah Cox as Josephine Baker, Pythia Gives a Fat Bird Look Like Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose “The Crows Have Eyes”, and Gia Metric are really committed to their subject and give gay comedians everything they want by going as sexy femme Austin Powers. Also noteworthy: the jewelry works on Adriana’s outfit. She says, “Vanessa Morgan is the lesbian queen of snakes.” This makes her sound a lot more interesting than she actually is (she’s up Riverdale).

The judges consider Icesis, Kendall, and Gia safe, and Gia gets a little facecrack. Kimora is put on top of her, even though the judges call her Leslie Jones “a note” several times. Behind the scenes, Eva is worried, Suki is resolute, and Icesis is annoyed: “Eva thinks she’s so amazing. It’s another week of madness. And when she’s at the bottom, I’m sorry Sister, like, I do not care, “she says in a confession. Synthia wins the week, Adriana is spared by the bottom three, and the Suki Doll must confront Eva 6000 on “Happiness” by a named KAPRI.

Nobody can find this song anywhere. The editors considered it a secret. No wonder poor Suki does not know the words. This LSFYL is, unfortunately, slow paced, with Suki not even seeming to fight. Eva makes the saddest, ugliest little tearway of her otherwise beautiful Matrix drag look, but Suki takes way too long to take off her own coat and get on the floor and become choreo. It’s a disappointing end to a promising run, but Eva sends Suki home. Her closing words are a cryptic poem: “A wise Suki once said that all drag is valid, and boys in rock with a yes. So keep that in mind and never set your foot on prejudice. What is she trying to tell us? It is a secret for another week.

• Pythia’s little dance, as the queens undressed before the theme song took me out. Goblin Vibes.

• In Ru’s weekly contractual video message, she quotes “Canada’s unofficial poet Laureate … Drake.” Hate crime.

• “Werk hunny the house down boots mama.” Eve 6000 makes a Bernie voice in the workspace. If only she had given it so much taste in the actual Snatch game.

• “Comedy … is … subjective?” – A cut for Suki Doll while she was bombing.

• “In the Snatch game, your Yoko Ono was a Yoko Oh No.” – Brooke Lynn Hytes beats Ru at her own game.

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