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An Iraqi family fears that one of their relatives may be among the twenty-seven people who died while crossing the English Channel.

A man named Shalaw told Sky News that his brother was on a boat halfway to Britain at the same time the event on Wednesday.

He said his brother sent a voicemail to say he was over but nothing has been heard from him since.

This is what is left of the boat that capsized in the canal and led to 27 people dying
The remains of the boat that capsized in the canal, which resulted in 27 people dying

“They were on their way around this time, but we do not know what happened and if he is with that group or traveled separately,” Shalaw said at his home in Sulaymaniyah in the north of the country. Iraq.

“Honestly, we are very stressed about all the news from my brother because we have not heard from him.

“He’s younger than me and I’m worried about him.

“I hope we can get some news about him as soon as possible and we pray that he has certainly arrived at his destination.”

The Kurdish regional government has confirmed to Sky News that Kurds were on board the boat but are still working on numbers and identities.

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Patel: “No quick fix” over channel crossings

Lawk Ghafuri, from the Kurdistan Regional Government, said: “The network of smugglers is really huge and they motivate these people to leave.

“The government has done things to prevent this and more is coming, it has already begun.”

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Smugglers “treated us like animals”

Mr Ghafuri added that they were “open to any assistance, whether from EU countries, the UK or other countries”.

“As long as we stop this issue and crisis KRG to coordinate with any country to stop this migration crisis,” he said.

Many Kurds have fled northern Iraq, Iran and Syria for Europe, with Germany, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom as the most popular destinations.

Shalaw said he would still consider making the trip himself, regardless of his brother’s fate, and many more Kurds would try as well.

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“I think if the EU or the UK do not come and listen to the people of Kurdistan, this wave of people will continue,” he said.

“Many people are getting ready and if it is not this month, many people will leave Kurdistan in March or April and it could be another bad road and more people will die.”

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