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Can’t find your name in the Colorado Vaccine Database? You ‘Still Eligible’ for the Lottery, Says Polis


DENVER (KDVR) – Governor Jared Polis has announced a new series of vaccine lottery drawings, this time for vaccinated children ages 12-17. But the announcement comes as thousands fear they won’t have access $1 million grand prize.

For now, problem solver We’ve been pushing for answers about the state’s vaccine lottery, because we’ve got dozens of tricks people can’t seem to find their names in the state’s computer systems to make sure they’re eligible.

So can Colorado handle this new group with thousands of people still having trouble finding their names in the system?

Even with these issues, the governor said the state would continue with its plan to remove the names of adults and children from the state’s vaccine database, Colorado Vaccination Information System.

While providers are required to enter names when people receive their shots, other states such as Ohio, New Mexico and West Virginia require people to participate in a lottery. We asked the governor whether Colorado should consider changing the way people qualify.

“Well, it will create a lot of work for people. We have over 2.9 million individuals being pulled from,” said Polis. “Their names could be spelled wrong or something could be wrong. They Still eligible. They may not get their information there.”

Police are asking families to contact their providers if they don’t see their names online.

Police said the children would be entered into the same database that some adults have struggled with. Each week, five students will be selected, with the first scholarship winner being announced next week.

25 scholarships will be given to randomly selected 12-17 year olds who have been vaccinated. A $50,000 prize for lucky students will go to a CollegeInvest account to pursue higher or technical education now or whenever they choose.

“$50,000 in a college investment account – will grow by the time they go to college. So, for a 13-14 year old, by the time they go to school, $50,000 would be $60,000, $65,000, or $70,000. “


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